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Why Consider a Tankless Water Heater?

tankless-water-heater-diagramThings have been exciting lately. You and your loved one have finally purchased your first home together and you are starting to get settled in. The home is just about perfect and aside from a fresh coat of paint in one room and a new sink in the spare bathroom, you are in love. That is why, when you go to take a hot shower and find out that the water heater isn’t working right, you are quite upset.

Let’s be honest, having a bad water heater is bad enough. Replacing a water heater, however, is another level. This isn’t an easy job to do by any stretch of the imagination. But it does offer you a great opportunity to really think about what water heater is going to best meet your needs and your lifestyle.

We get that replacing an old water heater isn’t pleasant but it does leave you a perfect chance to consider other options like tankless water heaters in Chicago, IL.

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a tankless water heater system, it may sound like an odd, if not impossible concept. How can a water heater operate without a tank? Strange though it might seem, tankless water heaters are effective systems for providing reliable warm water to your home.

Rather than keeping gallons of water heated all day long, whether it is needed or not, a tankless water heater instead heats water only when it is requested. It works something like this: you turn on a hot water tap and once a certain volume of water goes through your tankless heater, the system kicks on and begins heating the water.

What are the Benefits of Going Tankless?

Of course, we wouldn’t be telling you about tankless water heaters if they didn’t offer you some great benefits. You may already be ahead of us on some of these but we still want to make sure you know about some of the greatest details of these systems.

  • They’re Compact. Because there is no need for a tank to hold multiple gallons of water, a tankless water heater takes up far less room.
  • They Save Water. Tankless water heaters don’t pull water in and hold onto it. They only draw water in when it needs to be heated. This allows it to use far less water than its tank-based predecessor.
  • They Save Energy. A tankless system only heats water when it is requested so there is no standby energy loss because there is no water being heated without being used.

Are you thinking that a tankless water heater system may be perfect for your home? If so, we are happy to help with the installation and maintenance of your new system. Our professional team members know exactly how to install your new water heater properly. What’s more, if you still aren’t sure about which water heater type would be the best choice for your home, we can help with that too.

Contact ServiceMax today for assistance.

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