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Bio–Clean Drain & Sewer Cleaning in Skokie, IL

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Sometimes when your appliances or plumbing fixtures are clogged up and dirty, it can feel like toxic chemicals are the only solution. However, Bio-Clean services in Skokie, IL offered by ServiceMax will always be a better choice for homeowners.

  • Our Bio-Clean services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • We operate with complete honesty and transparency.

  • We have emergency phone lines open 24/7.

Treat your home plumbing system with the care and attention it deserves by calling cleaning specialists from our team for Bio-Clean services.

Contact ServiceMax for Bio-Clean products and other drain cleaning services in Skokie, IL.


Bio–Clean Drain Cleaning vs. Chemical Cleaners

The chemical drain cleaners you find at your local retailer may not be as harmless as you think. In fact, by some estimates, these are the most harmful chemicals you can buy off a store shelf. The chemicals in drain cleaners are toxic.

  • Chemical drain cleaners are poisonous and can harm the skin or eyes.
  • They may be damaging to the lining of the pipes.
  • While the chemicals are meant to break down certain organic materials, they may not break down others. Instead, these drain cleaners often simply push clogs further along into the drains or the sewer pipe.

Bio–Clean drain cleaner does not use any harsh chemicals. It is a natural drain cleaner that is completely safe for the drains. Bio–Clean is made up of bacteria that eats away at organic materials and digests them naturally. Your drainpipes are clean and clear after the bacteria has done its job.

The Advantages of Bio–Clean Sewer Cleaning

Bio–Clean is often our best choice when we’re called to help a homeowner clear away a pesky drain clog, or a blockage deep along in the sewer line. We trust this brand because it has one of the most powerful enzymes available for breaking down waste, and you can trust it for use in your drains.

  • Bio–Clean is safe, since it does not produce fumes or harm tissue.
  • Bio–Clean is effective, breaking down the organic materials in the pipes within about an hour.
  • The treatment is long–lasting. It cleans the drains, removing residue from the inner lining so that they run smoothly for longer.
  • We can use this treatment for drain clogs throughout your drain and sewer line.

Call Our Experienced Team

So why should you call for Bio–Clean sewer cleaning? This natural drain cleaner offers many benefits, but it’s important to have a professional drain diagnosis first and foremost. We have the right equipment and experience to make sure your drains don’t need further inspection for leaks or clogs caused by tree roots and other infiltrations.

Our training makes us the best team for the job, and we have this effective drain treatment already on hand. Don’t let slow drains make daily tasks cumbersome and time–consuming. Call ServiceMax for Bio–Clean drain cleaning in Chicago, IL.

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