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Surge Protector Installation & Repair in Skokie, IL

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Power surges can be scary and detrimental to the devices we rely on. Professionally installed surge protectors, like the ones installed by ServiceMax, can offer your home maximum protection and keep your devices from shorting out.

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What Causes a Power Surge?

Many people have heard of power surges caused by lightning and the power lines, but there does not actually need to be any lightning for a power surge to occur. A power surge is a spike in the flow of electricity, so while this could come from the power grid, it often starts in the home.

A power surge can also occur when you plug in a system with a high–powered motor. It often happens when a central air conditioner starts up, especially if it trips the circuit breaker. Often, a backup generator is at fault.

The Dangers of a Power Surge

A power surge may not be a risk to your safety, like an electrical shock, but it can cost you thousands of dollars due to damage to your home and appliances. A single power surge can destroy wiring or your computer, cable box, or anything with a circuit board. Some appliances won’t show signs of damage as severely, but they may become slowly worn down, needing a replacement unit far sooner than is usually expected and wasting money.

How Surge Detectors Work

A surge detector is designed to limit the amount of voltage that can reach the appliances and hardwired devices in your home. This prevents a sudden spike in electrical current from affecting whatever is plugged into the surge protector—or, if you have a whole–house surge protection, surges are prevented throughout the home’s electrical system.

You will need a professional and licensed electrician for proper surge detector installation. Whole–house surge detection boxes are wired into the electrical box, but you may need additional surge protection layered throughout the house to protect particularly sensitive devices. A licensed electrician will ensure this is done safely.

Surge Protection Services in Skokie, IL

ServiceMax has been in the home services industry since 1998. We care about the communities we service throughout Chicagoland, and we want to make sure that you get the best service possible when you need electrical work. We will listen to your concerns and make sure you understand the extent of the work ahead before we start. You can expect excellent customer service with any job.

Call us when you need new installation or surge protector maintenance. Our licensed electricians can look into any necessary surge protector repairs and help you get a clear idea of the problem. We are your source for surge protectors in the Chicagoland area.

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