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Commercial Indoor Air Quality in Skokie, IL by ServiceMax

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When commercial indoor air quality suffers, it can heavily impact your business. Customers will have bad allergic reactions, stuffy noses, and will be generally unhappy in your establishment. ServiceMax can help curb this problem entirely.

  • We bring honesty, transparency, and utilize the best materials available for every job.

  • We operate with 24/7 emergency services when homeowners need our help.

  • We aim for a “best in class” customer service experience.

We’re firm believers that every business in Skokie, IL deserves world class indoor air quality so that it can thrive and that our community can be better.

Call ServiceMax for effective commercial indoor air quality services, like the installation and repair of a new air filtration unit.


Signs of Trouble with Your Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Because there are so many ways in which your commercial indoor air quality may suffer, it is in your best interest to learn to recognize some of the warning signs that your air quality is subpar. The sooner you notice any issues, the sooner our technicians can go about resolving them entirely. Here are a few signs that you may notice which can indicate that you need our help.

First of all, pay attention to any complaints lodged by your tenants or employees. These individuals spend a lot of time in your commercial property, and their input is invaluable. Aggravated allergy symptoms or asthma flare ups, for example, may indicate that there is a high concentration of airborne or biological pollutants in the property.

The development of mold throughout your property is another indicator that your indoor air quality is compromised. So too is very humid or very dry air, and the symptoms which they may provoke. Whatever IAQ issues you may encounter, remember that our number is the number to dial for quality commercial indoor air quality solutions in Skokie, IL.

Commercial Air Purifiers

Have you noticed that your commercial property is looking very dingy, despite regular cleanings? Are you concerned about complaints regarding allergy and asthma symptoms worsening in your building? Does it seem like there is a lot of dust and dander floating around therein? If you encounter any of these issues, you may need a more efficient commercial air purifier. Give us a call to discuss the commercial air purifiers that we offer for installation throughout the area.

Commercial Dehumidifiers

Very humid air can be a very real problem for commercial property owners. If you want to dry out your air in your commercial property to the appropriate level, you just have to contact a member of our team. We professionally install and service commercial dehumidifiers. Let us help you to avoid the issues that high humidity levels can lead to in your property.

Commercial Humidifiers

Are wooden fixtures in your commercial property splitting? Have you noticed the wallpaper peeling away, or that it is difficult to effectively heat your building? You may have too little humidity in the air, then. The good news is that you can resolve any such problems with the use of a commercial humidifier. Just remember that you need to have a trained professional install your equipment for you.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

You cannot see within your ductwork for the most part. That is why it may be necessary to have a properly equipped professional clean them for you. If you need professional commercial duct cleaning in Skokie, IL, call the professional IAQ technicians at ServiceMax today.

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