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Energy Recovery Ventilators in Skokie, IL by ServiceMax

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Energy recovery ventilators allow you to have an influx of fresh air without wasting energy on heating or cooling escaping. Explore the comfort of opening a window without energy loss, by signing up for services with ServiceMax.

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By using a process called “counterflow heat exchange,” energy recovery ventilators can provide your home with clean air and comfortable temperatures. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Contact ServiceMax for the installation, repair, and maintenance for your energy recovery ventilator in Skokie.


What is an Energy Recovery Ventilator?

An energy recovery ventilator is a rather ingenious device. Such systems are integrated directly into an HVAC system, and they allow for the sufficient ventilation that your home needs while simultaneously ensuring that very minimal amounts of energy go to waste. This is where the recovery of energy comes in.

ERVs, as such devices are also referred to, vent the old, stale air in your home outside, while bringing fresh air in to maintain great indoor air quality. Essentially, this is what you do when you throw open the windows on a nice, mild day. However, an ERV uses the energy in the outgoing air in order to pretreat the fresh air coming in. This means that, in the summer, the hot, fresh air entering your home is precooled by the conditioned but stale air leaving your home. The two streams of air don’t intermingle much; just enough to allow for the transfer of some humidity in order to optimize the quality of the air in your home. During the cooler time of the year, the system simply reverses its operation. Chilly, fresh air is brought in, and the stale, warm air going out heats it up as they pass by one another.

We Install and Service Energy Recovery Ventilators in Skokie, IL

If you are interested in equipping your residential HVAC system with an energy recovery ventilator for your home in Skokie, IL, give ServiceMax a call today. We have everything that you need in order to breathe the clean, pure air that you deserve without wasting the energy you’ve paid for. Because an ERV must be installed directly into your HVAC system, it is vital that only a trained, experienced professional be trusted to do the job.

Once your system is installed, it will require little in the way of maintenance. During routine maintenance services it will be evaluated for proper functionality. If a problem should arise with your energy recovery ventilator, the professional ERV technicians on our staff are available to resolve the issues at hand. Contact ServiceMax today for more information.

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