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Electrical Switches & Dimmers in Skokie, IL

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How amazing would it be to have wonderful wall sconces or recessed lighting in your home that could be dimmed precisely to your preferences? Well, this can absolutely be a reality when you utilize a competent and professional team like the pros at ServiceMax in Skokie.

  • We pride ourselves on excellent work and superior craftsmanship.

  • All of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • We promise honesty and transparency for our customers.

It’s time to set your home up the way you want it with switches and dimmers provided by specialists. Get in touch with our team today and learn about your options.

Contact ServiceMax, the professionals who can give you the switches and dimmers you need in Skokie, IL.


Are You Updating an Outdated Switch?

While it may be somewhat simple to change out the light switch face plate, replacing the entire switch is another story. The switch itself is wired into the electrical system, which means you’ll need to have some knowledge of wiring and, hopefully, some experience connecting wires as well.

We recommend you leave this task, and anything that has to do with a home’s wiring system, to a professional electrician. Our team can ensure you have the modern light switch or dimmer switch you really want, and that it works safely.

Changing Your Lighting Design?

Want to add new lighting to your home? While you can simply plug in a lamp to an outlet, it’s probably not what you had in mind. The right lighting design requires new wiring, in many cases, along with a light switch or dimmer installation to give you control over the lighting as soon as you walk in the room. Leave this job up to the experienced professional team at ServiceMax.

Need Light Switch Repair?

This is a frustrating situation for a lot of homeowners: A light switch in the home has never worked properly and they must manually pull down a cord on the ceiling fan and fixture in order to turn it on. Or, perhaps there is a light switch connected to an outlet you hardly use.

If you need light switch or dimmer switch repair, call our team. Keep in mind, however, that flickering lights and sudden dimming likely are not due to the switch itself, but to wiring problems within the home or at the circuit breaker.

Schedule Light and Dimmer Switch Services with Our Electricians

Call friendly, experienced electricians in Skokie, IL today! We install and service light switches and dimmer switches, and are happy to install whatever make or model you want. We can ensure you have the right amount of electricity going to your light fixtures, and make repairs to your wiring or circuit breaker as needed if something goes wrong.

ServiceMax has been in business since 1998, and our electricians are more than qualified for the job. Give us a call to upgrade or add light switches in your home today!

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