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Furnace Maintenance is Important

service-reminder-stopwatch“Better late than never.”

This phrase is one that many of us have heard over and over again. The reason being is because it’s pretty true. Better to do your taxes late than never, or better to get your car serviced late than never. The alternatives to these two examples are unpleasant to think about, we know. When it comes to your furnace, the alternative to never having maintenance done on your heating system is also unpleasant.

All too often we have encountered clients who skipped their annual maintenance services for their furnaces in Chicago, IL because it was too late. What they end up with, of course, is a furnace that didn’t operate nearly as well as it would have otherwise. Some people even ended up with expensive repairs that could have been avoided.

So, why schedule late maintenance? Because it is always the better option.

What are the benefits of annual furnace maintenance?

We wouldn’t expect anyone to be accepting of the idea of scheduling maintenance without knowing exactly how it benefited them. That is why we want to explain why you should consider maintenance and exactly what benefits it provides for your heater.

  • Reduced repairs: Did you know that maintenance can actually circumvent the need for repairs down the line? It’s true! This is because when a professional HVAC technician performs their inspection they are also going to clean, tighten and adjust anything within your furnace system that needs assistance. No build-up means no problems igniting, no loose screws means nothing coming apart and so on.
  • Improved efficiency: Because your technician will be doing a multi-point inspection on your furnace, they will be doing everything in their power to ensure it is operating like new. This means that rather than losing efficiency, your furnace will be able to maintain its former efficiency levels, costing you less money in the long run.
  • Longer lifespan: A furnace that isn’t given annual maintenance will be far more likely to call it quits between the 10 and 15-year mark. In contrast, a furnace that enjoys the benefits of yearly check-ups is likely to reach the 15-year mark and beyond before requiring a replacement simply because it isn’t straining against mounting repairs and isn’t feeling the full brunt of regular wear and tear as much.

An added bonus: Savings!

We know it might sound counterintuitive but paying for a yearly service does provide some great savings to you in the long run. Better energy efficiency means less fuel and energy being used which translates to lower utility bills. What’s more, you also enjoy savings from fewer repairs and a longer time span between replacements.

As you can see, maintenance is well worth it. You can always schedule late maintenance for your furnace because, like we said, late is always better than never. And if you want to maximize your savings and minimize the issue of a missed maintenance check, you can sign up for our MAX Comfort Plan to take advantage of extra discounts and regular scheduling.

When you want furnace service that makes a difference, contact ServiceMax.

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