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Gas Line Services in Skokie, IL

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In order to have proper gas appliances and heating systems in your home, your gas lines have to be intact. The specialists at ServiceMax provide installation, repair, and maintenance for gas lines in Skokie, IL.

  • Our gas line services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • We offer a “best in class” customer service experience for our community.

  • Our technicians are well-trained, honest, and transparent with customers.

Imagine the exceptional comfort and convenience of gas appliances in your home, and work with our team to reach your goals. We’ll get things set up safely and legally.

Call ServiceMax, the gas line experts in Skokie.


Need Gas Line Repair?

It can be tough to tell. A gas leak typically gives off an odor described as rotten eggs, and you may hear a hissing sound from the source. If you suspect a gas leak, or if you hit a gas line while digging in your yard, get out of the home and call the local utility company ASAP. However, for issues that don’t seem so urgent, our team is here to help. We may be able to offer repairs for a gas line that’s been long out of commission, or we can provide a new gas line installation.

Installing a New Gas Appliance?

This is the most common reason we our are called in for a new gas line installation. A brand–new appliance offers many benefits, and you may decide to do a little remodeling or to reposition your new appliance to accommodate the change. In this case, you’ll need the gas lines extended. Call us if you decide to install any of these appliances, and we can help you make the transition.

  • Natural Gas Furnace
  • Natural Gas Dryer
  • Gas Tank Water Heater
  • Gas Tankless Water Heater
  • Gas Cooktop/Stove
  • And More!

Unsure whether or not to make the transition to a new gas appliance? We can help you make that decision, but we recommend doing some research first. Gas appliances can save a lot of money over their electrical counterparts, and many people prefer the reliability of a gas cooktop or stove. Often, it’s worth the upgrade—as long as you have an expert help you to get it set up!

Who Can You Trust for Gas Line Installation?

When you need gas line repair or installation in Skokie, IL, the team to call is at ServiceMax. We have experience working on gas pipes throughout the area, so we can make sure you feel comfortable with the work ahead. We will see to it that your new gas line is stable and secure, and that you have the proper ventilation to avoid the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our gas piping experts will make sure you have the right setup for a new gas appliance or fixture. Call our friendly team today to schedule gas line service.

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