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UV Air Purifier Services in Skokie, IL by ServiceMax

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UV air purifiers are an exceptionally powerful way to fight against contaminants in your home’s air. They target biological, single-celled organisms like bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. Work with the pros at ServiceMax to get your home set up with a UV air purification system in Skokie.

  • We bring honesty, transparency, and utilize the best materials available for every job.

  • We operate with 24/7 emergency services when homeowners need our help.

  • We aim for a “best in class” customer service experience.

Our team provides full air purifier services from start to finish. We’ll help install your new UV air purification system, and maintain or repair it when needed.

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What is a UV Air Purifier?

UV air purifiers, also known as UV germicidal lights, are simple contraptions which are installed directly in the ductwork of your existing HVAC system. These UV germicidal lamps emit low, safe levels of UV (ultraviolet) radiation. Well, safe levels for the residents and pets in your home. When it comes to biological pollutants, though, this level of radiation is more than enough to ensure their inevitable demise. The radiation emitted by UV germicidal lights destroys biological pollutants and renders them incapable of reproducing. This won’t get rid of any mold growth already present in your home, mind you. It will, however, help prevent such issues from developing once the UV lights are installed. Because UV air purifiers do not trap airborne pollutants in the manner of an air filter or electronic air purifier, they are a great supplement to, but not replacement for, an air filtration system. Contact us to learn more about how UV air purifiers can benefit you.

We Install and Service UV Air Purifiers in the Chicagoland Area

The key to getting the best performance possible from your UV air purifier is to have such equipment installed and serviced by a skilled, trained professional. There is no circumstance in which you should attempt to do so on your own. UV germicidal lights are quite simple in their operation. However, they are installed into your ductwork, typically near the air handler, which means that only a qualified technician can access them. Don’t risk doing damage to your ductwork, UV air purifiers, or your HVAC system itself in trying to access these lamps.

UV air purifier maintenance is pretty minimal. However, they may require repairs or replacement from time to time. During routine maintenance of your HVAC system, these devices can be inspected for proper operation. If there is a problem, one of our fine technicians will determine the necessary course of action.

Start breathing the clean, pure air that you deserve in your home with the help of a quality UV air purifier. Our technicians offer comprehensive UV air purifier services in Skokie, IL, and they have the skill and expertise necessary to ensure that your devices are working at peak performance levels. Give ServiceMax a call today for further details.

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