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Heat Pumps in Skokie, IL

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Heat pumps are becoming more and more common in the greater Chigago, IL metro area, and that’s a very good thing! They’re extremely effective, convenient in almost every way, and they’re more efficient than other heating and cooling systems on their own. When you call ServiceMax, you can explore the many benefits a  heat pump will bring to your home!

  • We offer 24/7 emergency heating repair.

  • We offer unparalleled “best in class” heating installation services to our customers.

  • We work with honesty, transparency, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job.

Whether you just need a quick heat pump fix, or you’d like to discuss whether a new heat pump would be the right HVAC system for your home, we can help.

Call ServiceMax for comprehensive heat pump services throughout the Chicagoland area!


Why Choose a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps operate efficiently because they utilize the heat transfer principle. Even when it is cold out, there is still ambient heat in the air outside. Heat pumps are able to make use of this ambient heat in warming your home, requiring the use of only a small amount of electricity in the process. One of the other great benefits of a heat pump is the fact that they are able to reverse their operation, meaning that they can act as an AC in the summer months, removing heat from your home in order to cool it. Contact us if a heat pump sounds like a good HVAC option to you.

Heat Pump Installation and Replacement Services in Skokie, IL

We are guessing that your interest in heat pumps has something to do with the great efficiency levels that they have to offer. That is why it is so important that you schedule your heat pump installation in Skokie, IL with a skilled, trained professional. Otherwise you may find yourself gravely disappointed. If your heat pump is not properly sized for your home, it is not expertly installed, or your air duct system is poorly designed, the efficiency of your system will suffer. Schedule service with us to ensure that this is not the case.

If you have an old heat pump on your property that is simply no longer functioning as well as you’d like, or which requires frequent repair services, you should consider a heat pump replacement from our team. It can help you to save money in energy bills and repair costs over time. Give us a call today to discuss your system options.

Skokie, IL Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

Being located in Skokie, IL, we are ideally located to provide any and all heat pump repair to Chicago, IL, we’re just one quick phone call away! Whether your system won’t turn on at all or it is just operating erratically, it is always best that any necessary heat pump repairs are completed as soon as possible. That way you can help to limit the potential for any costly repairs or greater damage to your heating system.

Because heat pumps are a year-round HVAC system, working to both heat and cool your home, keping you and your family comfortable throughout the year, there’s a definite need to make sure your home’s heat pump recieves regular maintenance. Maintaining an annual heat pump maintenance schedule is the only way to truly keep your hybrid heating system in perfect working condition. For quality air to air and water source heat pumps and heat pump services in Skokie and the entire Chicagoland area, remember to call the experts at ServiceMax.


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