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Post-Holiday Water Heater Repairs

service-reminder-stopwatchThe holidays are finally over! No more buying gifts, planning parties, cleaning to prepare for visits, or anything! It’s all done!

The holiday season can be a lot, and while most of us enjoy the fun events and visits from loved ones, we also come away pretty worn out. And you know what else gets worn down by this busy season? Your water heater.

We promise it is true. Between the dishes washed, the bathroom trips, the food made and so on, your water heater has been working hard. Of course, water heaters in Chicago, IL do need to continue to provide hot water. This is Chicago after all–icy showers are really not an option. So whether you need maintenance or repairs, we’ve got you covered.

The question now is, what might be going on with your hot water heater that requires help from a professional?

Starting out the year by doing a brief check of your home comfort systems, such as your hot water heater, is important. This is because there may be problems that need repairs! Here are a few potential issues that your water heater might have accrued over the holiday season:

Problems with the Pilot Light

Your pilot light is essentially responsible for allowing your water heater to switch on and start heating. If there is an issue with your pilot light such as it going out or being unable to relight, you will want to reach out for professional repair service. In some cases, this issue can be resolved by cleaning the pilot light housing. In other cases, the problem may be bigger.

Excessive Build-Up

Your water is filtered before it reaches your home but it is still possible for it to collect minerals that it carries into your water heater. Over time, these minerals will create a build-up of sediment within your hot water heater tank. Not only can this affect the quality of your hot water but it can also hinder your system’s ability to create hot water, to begin with. If you hear your water heater creating rumbling or kettling noises, you will want to contact a pro about getting your system flushed before the build-up leads to bigger issues such as corrosion.

A Leak or Two

Leaks happen in most any system. The key here is catching them early. Your hot water heater might encounter a leak from a bad connection or there could be a leak in your piping elsewhere in the home. In both situations, you want to contact a trained and certified individual to get the issue taken care of ASAP before it creates more damage than it is worth.

A Disconnected Gas Line

Maybe that pilot light issue is because of a disconnected gas line. If there is no gas being fed into your water heater, it won’t turn on, let alone be able to create heat. What’s more, a disconnected gas line can be dangerous. If you smell gas, make sure you shut your system down and reach out for repairs as quickly as you can.

Whatever repair need you might have, we can help. Contact ServiceMax today to learn how we can optimize your home comfort.

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