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The Most Important Furnace Repair to Make

furnace-burners-smallThere are a variety of furnace repairs that you may need to make throughout your system’s service life. However, there is one particular repair need that is more important than most others simply because it involves the safety of you and everyone else in your household.

We are discussing the heat exchanger. The repair that may need to be made is if that heat exchanger has a crack in it. Not only can this issue create a problem with your furnace’s ability to heat your home but it can be fairly dangerous too.

If and when you encounter the need for furnace repair in Chicago, IL, whether it is a filter replacement or a cracked heat exchanger, make sure you work with e pro to get the job done right.

For now, however, let’s delve into why you should be concerned about a cracked heat exchanger.

What is the Heat Exchanger?

Your heat exchanger is essentially the part of your furnace responsible for one of the last steps needed to create the warm air that heats your home. In short, gas is burned and the combustion gases go into your heat exchanger. These gases heat the exchanger and thereby the air being blown across it. From there, the warmed air is blown into your house.

Why is it Vital to Get a Heat Exchanger Fixed?

Based on the description we gave of the role of the heat exchanger, we want you to answer this question: what is your heat exchanger full of?


Specifically carbon monoxide and other potentially harmful combustion gases. While these are fantastic for creating heat, outside of the heat exchanger they aren’t nearly as helpful. Instead, these gases could be harmful to residents’ health to the point of being deadly.

So why a cracked heat exchanger is such a problem? Because all those nasty, harmful gases are able to leak out of that crack and into your home.

Symptoms of a Cracked Heat Exchanger

How do you know you have a cracked heat exchanger?

  • Sound: If you hear a rattling noise, it may be because of a crack in the heat exchanger. This noise is produced as the metal heats and expands. Another sound to be aware of (not that you have many choices) is the Carbon Monoxide Detector going off.
  • Smell: You may smell gas or rotten eggs. These are smells that should alarm you and prompt you to turn off your system and call a professional ASAP.

Reliable Heating Repairs Provided by Professionals

Now that we’ve explained what your heat exchanger is and why a cracked one is such a problem, we want to emphasize one last point: only get this issue repaired by a professional! Allowing an amateur to try to tackle this repair, or even trying to do it yourself, can be incredibly dangerous.

If you think you have a cracked heat exchanger, turn off your furnace immediately and call the professional team of HVAC technicians at ServiceMax. We are the team that will get the job done right the first time around.

Contact the ServiceMax team today.

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