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UV Air Purifiers Can Help with Your Air Conditioning This Summer

An indoor air quality solution that we often install in homes is the UV air purifier. This device safely eliminates bacteria and microbes, including harmful viruses and germs, from the air within a home. The ultraviolet radiation of the UV lamps in the purifier disrupt the cellular functions of organic pollutants without needing to resort to any chemicals that can have negative impact on air quality.

There’s another important benefit to having a UV air purifier installed in your home. Even if you aren’t currently dealing with problems from microorganisms in your household air, a UV air purifier placed into the HVAC system can help your air conditioner work at higher efficiency and achieve a longer lifespan.

Mold and Your Air Conditioner

Mold is a common enemy of an air conditioning system. The evaporator coil in an AC—the coil inside the house that leeches heat from the air—can easily start to develop mold. This is because the coil collects water condensation along it as it draws heat from the air. During an especially damp summer day, the water build-up will be enough that it won’t quickly drip off and drain away. This creates an environment that encourages mold growth.

A lining of mold along the evaporator coil will restrict how well the coil absorbs thermal energy, and the system will beging to become inefficient. Worse, the mold will start to damage the coil, lowering the system life of the AC.

The UV Air Purifier vs. Mold on an AC

When an indoor air quality professional installs a UV air purifier into an HVAC system, the lamps are placed so they shine directly onto the evaporator coil. The ultraviolet radiation is as harmful to mold as it is to other organic pollutants and will prevent mold from forming along the coil. Your AC will work better, last longer, and it won’t start wafting an unpleasant “dirty sock” smell through your ventilation system.

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