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Filter Changes and Other AC Maintenance Jobs for the Summer

We can’t overemphasize the importance of scheduling regular spring maintenance to inspect and tune-up your air conditioning system. This is the best tactic to “armor” your AC for the heat of the summer, making it less likely to run into repair issues or to start to waste energy as it operates. If you keep up with maintenance year after year, you’ll be rewarded with an extended life for your cooling system—and that’s one of the best ways to save money.

Regular maintenance is a job for HVAC technicians with the appropriate training and equipment. But you have a few maintenance responsibilities as a homeowner during the summer. We’ll go over some of steps to take during the coming months that will help you AC perform at its best.

  • Regular air filter changes: Your HVAC technician will change the filter in the AC during maintenance, but it won’t last the whole summer before it becomes clogged with debris. You’ll have to change it yourself every 1 to 3 months. The frequency depends on how much you run the AC and the type of filter you use. (If you don’t know how to change the filter, ask your technician for assistance.)
  • Keeping the outdoor cabinet clear: The condenser—the outdoor cabinet of the air conditioning system—must have about a foot clear on all sides to prevent interference with the exhaust of heat. Dust and dirt could also get on the condenser coil, reducing its efficiency. To prevent these problems, make regular checks on the cabinet to see that the area around it is clear of leaves, pebbles, debris, and that trees and plants aren’t growing too near to it.
  • Open all room vents: Do a regular check of the room vents to see that they haven’t been shut or have objects, such as furniture, blocking them. A closed vent won’t help save energy: it will instead create a rise in pressure inside the ventilation system, which can damage the AC as well as create holes in the ductwork.

If your air conditioner starts to show signs that it is malfunctioning or losing its cooling power, the best step is to call on professional repairs.

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