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Reasons to Upgrade Your Current Thermostats

The thermostat is often under-appreciated for its importance in a home’s comfort system. After all, it’s easy to assume that any thermostat can handle the job of adjusting the temperature in a house and controlling the heating and air conditioning system.

The truth is that the model of thermostat will have a huge impact on how effective energy efficiently a residential comfort system works. Thermostat technology is moving forward rapidly in the Wireless age, and the old thermostat(s) in your home may be far out of date. Below are some reasons you should consider upgrading to new “smart” thermostats:


Even going from a manual thermostat to the most basic, no-frills digital thermostat will make a difference. The reason is that digital thermostats have greater temperature precision, instead of being off 1°–2° like manual thermostats. Of course, the more advanced models are even more precise.

Better match with the HVAC system

Have you had a new HVAC system installed, or just a new AC or heater, but left in the old thermostats? The mismatch between thermostat and comfort system technology can result in inefficiency. If you have a better HVAC system, you should have better controls for it.


Control over the temperature settings in your house even when you aren’t home is one of the best ways to boost comfort without requiring paying more. You can have your heater or AC turn on a half hour before you come home so you’ll have a comfortable house without having to leave the system on all day.


The best thermostats today can work through Wi-Fi and apps on a phone or computer. That means you’ll have access to the comfort settings for your home from anywhere you have an Internet of a satellite connection.

Call your local HVAC professionals to ask about your many options for improving your thermostats.

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