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Why Filter Changes Are Important


This is not the time of the year when you want to discover that your heater is struggling. Spring is on its way, but anyone who lives around here knows that this doesn’t mean we are likely to see a major reprieve from the cold.

If you are noticing that your heater is having trouble, there is a chance that you have a simple fix that you can make: a filter change. This simple habit can end up helping you avoid a good deal of needs for heating repair in Chicago over the years!

What the Filter Does

The filter that we are discussing is the one sitting in your return air duct(s). This filter is going to help clean the air that is entering your heating system (and it cleans the air for the AC too). It consists of a semi-permeable membrane that allows air to enter your system to be heated but captures the larger amount of airborne debris and holds it, keeping it out of your heater.

This helps to reduce dust build-up in your system which can be helpful to effectiveness and efficiency.

How a Filter Change Helps

You need to keep tabs on your system filter so that you remember to change it regularly. We can explain why.

A dirty air filter is going to hinder the ability for air to get into your heater. You can imagine why that is a problem. Along with this, you are more likely to get a larger amount of dust entering your system as your filter reaches its capacity.

If you are curious about your filter, you can (and should) do a visual check. If your filter looks like a carpet more than a filter, you likely need to change it out.

Clean filters, by contrast, keep air flowing into your HVAC system unhindered. This means that it will capture and remove dust and debris from the air entering your heater without slowing it down.

When to Change Your Filter

It is advisable to change your system filter on a regular basis: checking it each month can be a great way to stay ahead of when it will get too dirty. On average, filter changes should be something you do once every three months. However, if you notice that your filter is too dirty before that three-month mark, you shouldn’t delay that change-out.

The Benefits of Regular Filter Changes

Filter changes that are taken care of regularly will be beneficial. That’s why this is one of the best pieces of advice that we can offer. The benefits include:

  • Strong airflow through your heater and into your home
  • Improved heater energy efficiency
  • Reduced risk of frequent repair needs
  • Reduced dirt build-up in your heater

Regular filter changes are extremely helpful to your heater. If you haven’t changed yours yet this winter, now is the time to do so!

Need help with your heater? Whether it is heater maintenance or a heater repair, you can trust us to get the job done. Contact ServiceMax to schedule your appointment.

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