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Is Your Boiler at Its End?


Your boiler is a vital and powerful part of your radiant heating system. Without it, you wouldn’t get any heat in your home unless you got a completely new kind of heating system.

With this in mind, it is important to remember that, powerful though it may be, a boiler won’t last forever. If you’ve had your boiler system for a long time already, you may be starting to ask yourself, “How long does a boiler last?” It is a good question to ask if only so you can plan ahead.

Here’s what you should know about your boiler’s lifespan and how to tell it is ready to be replaced.

The average boiler lifespan is around 15 years

If you have a hydronic radiant heating system that relies on a boiler, then you are likely to enjoy a pretty long amount of time with that system. Boilers last, on average, around 15 years before they start to deteriorate.

That lifespan can be affect by the level of upkeep that the boiler receives, how often it is used, and even the quality of the water it heats up. Poor water quality, a lack of maintenance, and heavy use will shorten the boiler’s lifespan. In contrast, regular maintenance and good water quality can help you maximize that lifespan.

If you boiler is already 15 years old or older, then we’d advise starting the replacement process. Getting an older boiler upgraded before your old one breaks down can help you avoid damage to your home.

Are there other warning signs a boiler needs to retire?

Age isn’t the only defining factor that will warn you it is time for a boiler replacement. Here are some other indicators to check for:

  • Weakened heating: Your boiler is made to provide steady, strong heating throughout your house. It is going to be a big problem then if your system suddenly can’t perform this crucial duty. A boiler that can’t heat water the way it is supposed to may be one that needs replacement. If your boiler is on the older side, it may just be unable to keep up anymore.
  • Increased repair needs: How often has your boiler required repairs over the past few years? Do you only need one repair every three years or so still? Or have you started to make boiler repair appointments as often as you make maintenance appointments? Yearly repairs for any heating system are a sign that it is deteriorating and will break down soon.
  • Leaking boiler: Here is where the warning signs of a boiler issue and a water heater issue overlap. If the body of your boiler (the tank) springs a leak, it is a sign that there is corrosion in the system which has eaten through, from the inside out. While pipe leaks may be fixable, tank leaks are not. A leak from the tank of your boiler means that you need a new system ASAP.

Is your boiler ready to be replaced? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to get the job started and finished properly. We will always assess your system first to ensure that a replacement is necessary and then work with you every step of the way to get a new boiler installed and running in a timely manner.

Contact ServiceMax today to schedule your boiler services. We are here for you, 24/7.

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