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Why You Should Consider a Thermostat Upgrade

Your heater isn’t going to be of much use if you don’t have a working thermostat to operate it. Thermostats can be thought of as the brains of your home’s comfort operation. Take away the thermostat, or reduce its effectiveness, and things aren’t going to do you much good.

If you are looking for better control of your home comfort, then it might be time to learn more about your upgrade options for a thermostat in Chicago. There is more than one choice out there and modern thermostats will offer perks that you may not have thought possible! If you need an upgrade, you can come to us for help.

Signs You Need a New Thermostat

First things first, talk about whether or not you need a new thermostat. No thermostat lasts forever. Here’s how you know that yours is ready to say goodbye:

  • The house’s temperature is never right: It seems like it is forever either too cold or too hot in your house and somehow you are always paying more money for it.
  • Your system short cycles: Short cycling can indicate an issue in your system or it may indicate a thermostat that is giving incorrect orders to your heater.
  • Higher energy bills: A malfunctioning thermostat can end up costing you extra money. This is because it will cause your heater (and AC) to struggle, which will force the system to use extra energy to adjust the temperature in the home.
  • You have a dial or slider thermostat: To be blunt, dial and slider thermostats are simply so old that we can tell you just by seeing them that you need to replace them.
  • You’ve upgraded one or both comfort systems but not your thermostat: If you upgraded either your heater or your air conditioner in the past several years but haven’t upgraded your thermostat, you are doing yourself a disservice!

Your Thermostat Upgrade Options

So, do you need a new thermostat? If you do, you may want to know a bit more about the upgrade options that you can choose from. We’ve come a long way from the era of the slider thermostat!

Wireless (Wi-Fi) thermostats and smart thermostats are going to be the main types of systems you’ll want to consider. Wireless thermostats give you the opportunity to remotely adjust the temperature in your home via an app on your tablet or phone. Smart thermostats can help you create a program to optimize your home comfort and energy efficiency. A smart thermostat will also learn your comfort patterns and can help you adjust your usage to improve your energy efficiency.

Replacing a thermostat may seem like no big deal, but it is something that you should reach out to a professional for help with. An expert technician can assess your home system and pair you with the best thermostat to meet your needs.

Contact ServiceMax for help with your thermostat and other aspects of your comfort system. We are available all day, every day.

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