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6 Indicators Something is Wrong With Your Heater


The weather around Chicago doesn’t exactly soften its way into spring. You still have a good amount of time left before your heater can get a break. So if your heater is starting to have trouble then it makes it that much more important to have a professional check things out.

When it comes to getting a heating repair in Chicago, IL you need to make sure that you get assistance promptly from a professional. Knowing that you can reach out to ServiceMax takes care of getting in touch with a professional. Here are some warning signs of heater troubles to watch for that will let you know when you when to reach out so you can get repairs promptly too!

These Warning Signs Mean Your Heater Needs Repairs

Here are some of the warning signs that you should look for that will let you know it is time for repairs.

1. Weakened airflow

You need strong and steady airflow through your heating system. If the airflow from your heater has gotten weaker over the past few weeks or months, then it is well worth it to have the system checked. It could be as simple as changing the filter. If the cause is a bigger issue, however, such as a broken fan, then you’ll need help from a pro.

2. Uneven heating

You may still have a working heater. However, the results are uneven with some parts of the home getting the necessary warmth and others remaining cold. Uneven heating may indicate a number of problems within your heater, all of which require professional repairs.

3. Increased energy bills

Have your energy bills been increasing over the recent weeks and months? This isn’t something that should continue, especially if and when you get maintenance services. Ever-increasing energy bills are indicators that your heater is starting to struggle to get its job done and using up more energy to try to make up for the difference.

4.Concerning noises

What’s that sound? If you’ve noticed that your heater has started to make some new noises, you have every right to be concerned. New sounds are created by new problems like loose parts or debris building up in the system. Be on the alert for sounds like rattling, screeching, hissing, banging, or booming. If you hear these noises, reach out to a pro for help.

5. Problematic smells

Another indicator of trouble is anything smelly coming from your heater. If you notice an ongoing smell of burning dust or the smell of burning electrical parts, you should get repairs scheduled ASAP. If you notice the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur from your gas furnace, shut the system off and schedule repairs immediately as this is an indicator of a gas leak.

6. Short cycling or nonstop operation

Take stock of how long your heater’s heating cycles last. The average cycle should be around 15 minutes of heating. If you notice that you have a heater that is lasting for less time and barely heating your home, it may be short cycling. On the other hand, you may have the opposite problem with a heater that never shuts off, leaving your home too hot. Neither of these is okay and both should be a reason to call for professional repairs.

Need help with your heater? Contact ServiceMax for your repairs. We are available all day, every day.

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