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Never Delay with Gas Furnace Repairs

basemetn-gas-furnaceThe natural gas furnace is the backbone of winter heating in the U.S. Here in Chicago, it’s one of the best ways to heat a home through another tough winter: not only does a gas furnace provide a high level of heat output and work fast at delivering it, it also saves money compared to electric models because natural gas doesn’t cost as much as electricity.

There is a concern with gas furnaces, however, and it’s one you’ve probably already considered. Any natural gas-powered appliance is at risk of creating safety hazards because of the leak of toxic fumes and combustion concerns. We don’t want you to feel panicked by your gas furnace, since modern heaters are built with numerous safety features. If you have your gas furnace maintained each year by professionals and put carbon monoxide detectors around the house, you’ll be in good shape as far as safety goes.

One more important way to stay safe with your gas furnace: never procrastinate about calling for repairs if the furnace shows signs something is wrong with it. You can always call on us for heater repair in Niles, IL or elsewhere in Chicagoland, and we’ll come to your assistance any time of the day or night.

Prompt Gas Furnace Repair Is Essential

Under normal operation, a gas furnace offers no safety problems. The exhaust gases that contain carbon monoxide are sent out of the combustion chamber and into a flue that releases them harmlessly outside the house. A limit switch prevents the furnace from overheating, shutting the system down if necessary.

Not all furnace troubles will make the heater become unsafe. A broken blower motor fan will simply stop air from moving through the ventilation system. A broken electronic ignition system will fail to light the burners (and a shut-off system will turn off the gas flow if the igniter doesn’t turn on). However, you may not be able to tell immediately what’s wrong with your furnace. Many symptoms of a malfunction can have multiple causes, and only a professional can make the correct diagnosis and know what to repair. There’s always a possibility that the issue with the furnace could create safety problems.

For example, if the burners are struggling to light, there may be a gas flow problem—or even a gas line leak. Poor ventilation in the flue will cause backup that pushes carbon monoxide into the area around the furnace. Odd clicking sounds from the cabinet after the blower fan turns off may indicate a cracked heat exchanger, which can lead to the toxic exhaust gas entering the air blown into the ventilation system.

In short, you don’t want to let the furnace linger on running when there are signs something isn’t right with it. You may still be getting heat, but the longer the furnace continues to operate with a malfunction, the more likely it will worsen. Even if this doesn’t create safety issues, it will lead to a bigger repair problem and even a full broken furnace that needs a replacement, not a repair!

ServiceMax offers heating repairs to Chicagoland, and we’re open 24/7—All Day, Every Day!

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