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Why We Recommend Generator Installation

natural-gas-generatorElectricity is such a basic part of our lives that we rarely stop to think about all that it does for us. It’s simply always there when we flick on a switch, turn on an appliance, or plug in a phone or laptop to charge. But what if that electricity suddenly vanished? Stopped working and didn’t turn back on a few minutes later? What if it stayed off for hours or even days? Think about the impact an extended power outage like that would have on your life and on your family.

Unfortunately, long blackouts are a possibility during winter. Downed power lines, accidents at power plants, or grid failures can mean whole blocks going black for extended periods. You can’t prevent these power failures, but you can protect yourself with a generator.

Whole-House Generator Installation

When we talk about generators, we don’t mean a portable generator you can use to plug in a few appliances. These portable generators are effective for use in travel or for camping. But they don’t have the voltage to serve the needs of a house, and they can turn dangerous indoors because of their exhaust fumes. The generator for the job of powering your home through an extended outage is a whole-house standby generator.

A professionally installed generator will supply the house with sufficient electricity to run the essential systems you need, such as lights, the heating system, and special equipment. Our installers will see that the generator is properly matched to the voltage of your home.

The Generator Benefits

We recommend most homes have a generator installed, since power outages can strike almost anywhere.

  • Most whole-house generators run from natural gas, which is an inexpensive fuel and readily available through municipal lines. You don’t have to worry about making sure the generator has fuel (liquid propane, diesel, etc.).
  • If you have an automatic standby generator, you won’t need to activate it manually. The generator will turn itself on when it detects a power loss in the house. This is great for when you aren’t at home, or if you don’t want to wade outside into a storm to get the generator running.
  • For households with people who depend on electrically-powered medical equipment, a generator is a must. It can be a literal lifesaver.
  • Most generators—provided they receive professional installation—will be able to supply a house with the necessary power through a number of days. You might not be able to get back to your standard routine fully, but you’ll have a much easier time with the lights and the heating system working!

Here’s something to keep in mind if you’re still on the fence about whether to have a generator installation in Chicago, IL or the surrounding areas: even a natural gas furnace needs electricity to run. The furnace uses electricity to power the blower fan motor, and the majority of modern furnaces have electronic ignition systems. A gas furnace won’t run when the power goes out!

To find out more about installing a generator for your house, contact our team.

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