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Is It Too Early to Arrange for Maintenance for My Heater?

We’re still enjoying warm weather here in Skokie. But of course, that won’t last forever as winter start to move closer. If you’re thinking that it’s perhaps a good time to schedule that annual maintenance for your furnace or other heating system, only to then back away from the idea because it seems a bit too early, we’re here to tell you that your first instinct is 100% correct. Once September arrives, there is no such thing to “too early” when it comes to heating maintenance.

Planning ahead for cold weather is always a wise idea

You never know when the weather might take a sudden shift and a cold front will pile down on us from the North. When that happens, you don’t want to be stuck with a heating system that might not turn on, or one that will work at only half strength and runs the constant risk of shutting down entirely. Scrambling for heating repairs on a day when plenty of other people will be doing the same thing is not a pleasant scenario! You’ll enjoy peace of mind with heating maintenance taken care of early.

It’s easier to schedule a convenient time

September and October are usually one of the slowest periods of the year for HVAC companies. Technicians have fewer emergency calls because of heat waves and cold snaps. This is the time of the year to schedule new installation for ACs and heaters—and it’s also the ideal time to arrange for maintenance. You should have few problems finding a convenient time in your schedule and the professional’s schedule for the maintenance session.

If you want to check one very important item off your fall “to-do” list, call Malek Heating & Cooling in Skokie, IL. Our residential maintenance agreements will take care of your heating and air conditioning, and they offer other benefits as well.

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