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Why Is This Room Hotter Than the Others? Is It the Air Conditioning System?

We’re still dealing with warm temperatures here in Chicagoland, and can expect them to keep up for a few more weeks before the time comes to start firing up our furnaces or other heating systems. The stress on your air conditioner during the last few months is often enough to lead to a malfunction that will affect your household’s comfort. One of the warning signs that this is happening is when you discover a room in the house that feels hotter and stuffier than the others.

Although an AC malfunction is often behind such “hot spots,” there are some other causes that could be responsible. Here a few other possibilities to consider:

  • Blocked air vents – One of the first things to check on when you find an abnormally hot room (aside from looking to see if there’s an open window) is if any of the vents are blocked because of furniture that was moved. Make sure that there is adequate flow of air from the vents into the room, because it not only means better comfort, it also removes strain from the air conditioner.
  • Leaks in the air ducts: Problems with the ventilation system can allow cooled air to escape from it before it reaches the vents. You will need to have professionals locate and seal the leaks if this is the case.
  • Bad insulation: Insulation is crucial for keeping excess heat from entering a home during hot weather (and keeps heat trapped during cold weather). If the insulation in the room has started to decay, or heat is seeping down into the room through the attic because it has lost part of its insulation layer, it can mean a leap in heat that the air conditioner cannot overcome. You will need to have insulation experts put in new insulation.

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