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We Have Some Tips for How You Can Prepare for the Heating Season

September is almost over, and that means the cold weather is not far off. This is the start of what we in the HVAC industry call the heating season, when furnaces and boilers come on to keep the chill at bay.

We understand that it’s hard to let go of summer and its wonderful weather, but right now is a good time to start preparing your heating system for the rigors of a Winnetka, IL winter. We have some tips that will help you receive the most from your home heating during the coming months.

Take your heater for a “test drive”

Pick a warm day when you don’t need your heating system. Turn it on and run it for about an hour (at a low temperature so you don’t get too hot). Watch for signs that something might be wrong with it. These include odd noises that you normally wouldn’t hear, poor air flow from the vents, rooms that aren’t receive sufficient heat, or a heater that isn’t producing any heat at all. Call for repairs right away, since you will want the trouble fixed before you need the heater for real.

Change the air filter

This applies to furnaces and heat pumps. The air filter in the cabinet is the same one that the air conditioner uses, and if you didn’t change it for a new one (or clean it if the system uses a permanent filter) during the last few months, it will be heavily clogged. A clogged filter will cut down on efficiency and may even end up damaging your heating system.

Arrange for annual maintenance from a professional

This is an essential step for winter preparedness. An experienced technician must give your heating system a thorough inspection and tune-up to make certain it can handle its upcoming workload. The technician will alert you if there’s anything wrong and will help see that your heater has the longest life possible.

For professional assistance preparing your heater for the winter, just call on Malek Heating & Cooling!

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