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You Need a Reliable Smoke Detector During Heating Season

We’ve all heard stories of a smoke detector rousing a person just in time to help them exit a burning home. But (hopefully) this isn’t a situation you are too familiar with. More often we view our smoke detectors as something that overreacts when we burn dinner.

Don’t be fooled though. Smoke detectors can keep you safe, prevent safety hazards from putting your life at risk, and can even mean the difference between a burnt outlet and a burnt home. So yes while your smoke detector might add insult to injury when it goes off due to a burning dinner item, we’d still advise keeping yours in optimal condition.

Your Smoke Detector Can Be Vital to Your Safety

The primary purpose of your smoke detector is to alert you to the presence of smoke because “where there’s smoke there’s usually fire.” These systems are meant to alert or rouse unsuspecting residents in the case of a fire, allowing them to put out the flames or escape from danger in time.

This is highly important to remember when it is the heating season. This is because you are going to be using your heating system and, if you have one, your fireplace on a regular basis. If something were to go wrong with your heater, it may create a fire risk and, should things go really wrong, your smoke detector can be the thing that helps to address the issue in time.

Make sure that your smoke detector is in good condition this season. If you have a system that isn’t working right, it may be time to reach out to us for a smoke detector repair or replacement. Newer versions can send reports straight to your phone!

Other Electrical Safety Measures We Can Help With

You can count on our team to help keep your home safe with smoke detector services along with carbon monoxide services. But we don’t stop there! You can count on us for the following electrical services too.

  • Surge protectors: In the event of an electrical surge, having the right protective measures in place can prevent a large amount of damage to the appliances in your home. Surge protectors reroute excess electricity into the ground, helping prevent it from harming your home’s electrical system.
  • Outdoor lighting: The sun is setting earlier these days which means you and anyone visiting your home needs outdoor lighting to keep things safe.
  • Wiring work: Old or poorly laid out wires can present a risk. That’s why you want a professional to either perform your wiring work or provide rewiring to get things back into proper shape.
  • Electrical panel help: Your electrical panel may need some extra help to recover from damage or be upgraded to better handle your electrical needs. Our team can help with electrical panel repairs, upgrades, and even maintenance.

Need help with your smoke detector or another electrical system in your house? We are here to assist!

Contact ServiceMax today to schedule your electrical services. Offering “Best in Class” workmanship since 1998.

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