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4 Issues That Cause Frequent Circuit Trips


A circuit trip is the result of safety measures put in place to protect your home from electrical fires and to protect you from electrocution. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t frustrating, especially if your electrical panel is outside of your home.

When a circuit breaker trips, it means stopping what you were trying to do to go reset that circuit. Frequent trips are bothersome because you will spend more time going back and forth to your electrical panel than doing the things that need to be done.

If you are experiencing frequent circuit trips, you may want to contact an electrician in Evanston, IL to address the core cause behind the problem. Let’s look at some of the issues that could cause frequent circuit trips so you know what to expect.

1. HVAC systems that are overheating

There are a myriad of problems that your air conditioner or heater may run into over the course of their lifespans. Issues with one or both of these systems can affect your home comfort but they can also lead to circuit trips if the system ends up overheating as a result. Make sure to schedule regular maintenance and prompt repairs for your HVAC systems to avoid issues like these.

2. Problems with wires causing electrical arcing

Too many people think running wires and changing their wires around in their house is an easy DIY job, and that simply isn’t true. DIY wiring work often leads to problems with wires that can cause them to create electrical arcs, putting your safety at risk. Your electrical system will trips the corresponding circuits to keep things safe and stop the arcs before the wires melt or create a fire.

3. Power surges that are posing a threat to your home

Power surges occur in small doses whenever you have an electrical appliance that turns off. They can also occur when wires create electrical arcs, when there is a surge from the electrical provider for your home, and of course when there is a power outage. Surges don’t normally pose a threat to your home’s safety, but if you get frequent surges or big enough ones they might trip a circuit. You may want to look into a surge protector installation if this is the case.

4. An overloaded electrical panel

How many volts can your electrical panel handle? It is a good question to ask especially if you are starting to have trouble with circuit trips more frequently. The culprit may be a panel that simply can’t keep up! Have an electrician check things out and see if you need a panel upgrade so you can use the level of electricity you need.

Homes are relying on electricity in a growing capacity, so it is a good idea to know when to reach out for electrical services to keep your system in good shape. Come to the experts for your next electrical service.

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