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Does My Water Heater Really Need Maintenance Every Year?

The philosophy “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” can lead to people picking up bad habits about important appliances in their homes. For example, the water heater: if you don’t notice anything outwardly wrong with the device that supplies hot water to your household, you may think you have no reason at all to call for a professional to look at it. After all, it’s not broken, is it?

But while the water may not be broken, it still needs to have professional attention at least once a year. Yes, that’s right: you absolutely need to arrange to have specialists inspect, clean, and maintain your water heater annually. Here are the reasons why:

It will prevent repairs in the near future

Regular maintenance is the best way to fend off water heater repair issues. It only takes a year for grime to start building up along burners, the circulator pump motor to wear down, sediment to build up in the tank, and other issues that can cause the water heater to malfunction. You can prevent the majority of water heater repair problems with a maintenance visit once a year.

It will keep your energy bills under control

The same issue that will end up creating repair problems will also make the water heater work harder to do its job, and that means your energy bills will start to climb. Thanks to annual maintenance, a water heater should keep most of its energy efficiency throughout its service life. And speaking of which.…

It will extend the system lifespan

The effects of water in contact with metal will eventually lead to corrosion. But water heaters are built to take it—at least if they receive regular care. If you ignore annual maintenance, your water heater will probably need to be retired and replaced early. When you stick with a maintenance visit each year, you’ll enjoy your water heater for many years.

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