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AC Problems You Want Fixed Before It Gets Hotter

thermometer-going-redIf you’ve lived in Chicago for even a year, you know the summers can be tough to beat unless you have a solid AC system in your home.

So now is the time to ask yourself if your AC system is solid. Is it showing indications that it’s wearing down or has a malfunction? Right now, in the last stretch of milder weather before summer gets underway, is the right time to arrange for repairs for your air conditioning in Oak Park, IL. Below we’ve put together a list of a few AC issues to have fixed in these last days of spring.

Short cycling

This is a behavior from an air conditioner where the compressor doesn’t stay on long enough. Rather than completing a full cooling cycle (usually around 15 minutes), the compressor switches off early. There are a range of reasons this can happen, but the effects of short cycling are something you want stopped as soon as possible. Short cycling drains power and puts heavy strain on the compressor that can lead to serious damage.

AC trips a circuit breaker

If your air conditioner trips a circuit breaker once, it may not be a serious problem. But if this is happening frequently, then something is causing one of the system motors to draw on too much electricity from its circuit. Technicians may need to repair or replace one of the motors, or there may be an electrical malfunction in the AC’s board.

House feels stuffy

One of the big warning signs of an AC that’s malfunctioning is an increase in indoor humidity. Air conditioners are not designed as dehumidifiers (unless specifically built with a dehumidifier feature), but they do pull some moisture from the air as they run. You may notice a rise in humidity in the home before you notice a significant drop in the AC’s cooling ability, so move soon to have the system repaired.

Unusual noises

When you start using the air conditioner during the spring, listen for any sound that’s out of the ordinary. The AC should only generate noise from the fans and compressor and remain at a consistent noise level depending on whether the compressor is on or off. If the AC is too noisy or you hear sounds like rattling, clanking, hissing, or clicking, it’s best to have the unit inspected.

Hot spots around the house

While the air conditioner is running, go to all the rooms of the house connected to the ventilation system to see if they feel cool enough. If one or more of the rooms are hotter than expected, the uneven cooling may indicate an AC that’s losing its cooling ability.

Bills are already unexpectedly high

When you looked at your first electrical bill after you started using the AC, were you surprised at the amount? When an air conditioner starts to raise electrical bills without an obvious reason, it’s time to have technicians check on it.

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