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7 Sounds That Spell Trouble for Your Air Conditioner

shocked-by-loud-noiseWhen it comes to your air conditioning system, the only sounds you really want to hear are going to be the whoosh of air blowing into your home and the hum of the motors and the drip of condensate moisture. Aside from this, additional noises should be treated as what they are: likely signs of trouble in your AC system.

If you start hearing troublesome sounds from your cooling system, it is likely that you need to schedule air conditioning repair in Skokie, IL. Here are some of the warning sounds you should be on the alert for.

7 Sounds You Don’t Want Your Air Conditioner to Make

If your air conditioner is starting to make troublesome sounds, you should get this issue addressed as soon as you can. Be on the alert for these problematic noises:

  1. Screeching: This high-pitched and obnoxious noise is one that you should want to address ASAP for the sake of your comfort and your eardrums. Screeching or shrieking is often an indicator that there is a worn-out blower motor belt in your system or that the fan blades in your system are loose and scraping around in their housing.
  2. Rattling: The sound of rattling indicates there are loose parts vibrating and shaking around in the system. You want to get this addressed sooner than later before this noise escalates.
  3. Clanking: After you hear rattling, if repairs aren’t taken care of, you are likely to start hearing a clanking noise. This is the sound of parts that have come fully loose and are bouncing around inside the air conditioner.
  4. Hissing: A hissing or bubbling noise is a big issue in any air conditioner because it is usually caused by a refrigerant leak. Low refrigerant can be a huge hindrance to cooling your home, so don’t ignore this sound.
  5. Buzzing: When your air conditioner emits a buzzing noise, it is usually due to electrical issues. Whether it is from your condenser unit or a problem with the wiring in the AC, you should contact a professional ASAP.
  6. Clicking: Clicking might be something you hear at the end of your system’s cooling cycle. If, however, you notice clicking continuously throughout the cooling cycle, it is a sign of trouble.
  7. Silence: Last but not least, the sound of silence is something you don’t want to hear from your AC unless it is not in use. While modern air conditioners run on the quieter side, they still make some amount of noise. If you turn on an AC and hear nothing, it means the system isn’t responding.

When you notice that your air conditioner isn’t working properly, whether it is because it is making odd noises or because its airflow is hindered, you will want to schedule repairs as soon as you can. The sooner a  professional technician is brought out, the sooner you can enjoy a reliable AC system again. 

Contact the team of professionals at ServiceMax to schedule your need AC service. Each of our customers enjoys “Best in Class” service.

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