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Repairs a Radiant Heating System May Need

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

There are two different types of heaters that may be referred to as radiant heating systems. The first, electric radiant heaters, are composed of mats of electric coils which go under the floor or in the walls and ceilings. The second, hydronic radiant heating, uses hot water pipes under the floors delivered via a boiler in the home. Radiant heat fills a room more evenly, efficiently, and effectively than forced-air heating systems like furnaces. This is because radiant heat warms the objects and people in the room, not just the air. Radiant heating systems can last quite a while before running into any trouble, but when the time comes for heating repair in Wilmette, call the experts at Malek Heating & Cooling.

Electric Radiant Heat

Electric radiant heating systems consist of electric heating panels consisting of coils which are installed beneath tile floors, or possible in the walls and ceilings. Though they are more costly to run, most electric radiant heating systems do not experience trouble often, and they require very little maintenance over time. However, when there is trouble with the unit early on, it’s usually due to faulty installation. A new electric radiant floor heating system may trip the breaker frequently if installed improperly. Over time, a loss of heat may indicate a failing panel which needs replacement.

Hydronic Floor Heating

Since a hydronic heating system consists of a boiler, underfloor piping, and some mechanical components, it may need repairs more often. If one portion of your home does not feel as warm as the others, there may be an issue with the circulator pumps which move hot water through the system. You may also run into trouble with the boiler itself, which can encounter pressure troubles from a buildup of minerals. Over time, an older boiler will need replacement if it begins to rust. Call the friendly technicians at Malek Heating & Cooling at the first sign that your radiant heating system is not working properly. If you wait too long to call for repairs, your home may be without heat when you need it most. And our professional electricians are more than qualified for any heating repair in Wilmette and the surrounding areas.

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Which Type of Air Purifier Is Best for My Home?

Friday, March 20th, 2015

If you assume that the air in your home is cleaner than the air outside, you may be mistaken. For many homes in the United States, this is not the case. We keep our homes sealed up tight, but contaminants in the home can still thrive. Besides, this often means that circulation in the home is less than ideal, which makes the air stale.

The best way to get rid of contaminants in the air of your home is by scheduling services with an indoor air quality specialist in Winnetka, IL. Call us today at Malek Heating & Cooling for air purifiers and more.

Air Purification Systems

Any of the following air purification systems may be best for your home. We recommend that you consult with a technician before deciding on a system and scheduling professional installation only.

  • Mechanical Filter: The filter in your air conditioning and heating system right now may not be of the highest quality. Usually, the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating of your filter—the way you can tell how effective a filter is—is not as high as it can be. Home filters often have a MERV of about 1-4, while the scale does all the way up to 16. Ask a technician which type of filter will work best for your home.
  • Electronic Air Purifier: An electronic air purifier uses ionization to attract particles and keep them out of the air in your home. This includes particles that are much smaller than those which can be filtered with a traditional home filter.
  • UV Air Purifier: A UV air purifier contains UV lights which kill small organic matter like bacteria and viruses, which are detrimental to those with immune disorders in the home.

At Malek Heating & Cooling, we offer these systems and more in order to improve the air quality in a home. Not only to we offer filter and purification service, we also carry heat and energy recovery ventilators for better ventilation, dehumidifiers, and professional air duct cleaning. An IAQ specialist will help you to decide which system or service is right for you.

Call us today for our professional air purifier installation or repair in Winnetka, IL, or to learn more about how to keep the contaminants in your home under control.

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How Long Does It Take to Install a Ductless System?

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

At Malek Heating & Cooling, we often recommend that customers who are constructing new homes, remodeling a current home, or who live in an older home with limited space, consider installing a ductless mini split heat pump as their principle comfort system. Ductless mini splits provide both heating and cooling, and they work with great energy efficiency that will save money compared to using a standard furnace/air conditioner combination. They also help with increasing indoor air quality, and the lack of ductwork makes them flexible for numerous building and remodeling projects.

A question that customers who are interested in installing ductless heating in Skokie, IL often ask: “How long will the installation take?” The good news is that installation of a ductless system in most cases will not take longer than installing any other type of new heating or cooling system. In fact, in many ways, installing a ductless mini split heat pump is easier than putting in traditional comfort systems that use ducts. It’s a more complicated installation than putting in a small window unit, so it isn’t a job you should attempt on your own; you must look for qualified and licensed technicians familiar with the product. But for those skilled professionals, installing a ductless mini split is usually a fast job that will go without complications.

The average installation job takes one or two days. The actual length depends on the size of the system, in particular how many indoor air handlers need to be mounted inside the home. Each air handler must have a mounting frame put in first and a 3″ hole drilled through the wall to allow of power cable and refrigerant lines through. If you have a large home that requires many air handlers in multiple rooms, the installation process will take longer.

However, not only will the final results be worth the small investment in time, but the installation process is not disruptive. Much of the work occurs outside, setting up the external unit. Mounting the air handlers is usually a fast job for seasoned and trained professionals.

To find out more about outfitting your house with ductless cooling and ductless heating in Skokie, IL, as well as an estimate for how long the installation will take, call our ductless mini split experts at Malek Heating & Cooling. We are licensed Mitsubishi ductless mini split installers, and have helped keep homes in the Chicagoland area comfortable since 1998. Give us a call today.

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What is a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor?

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Choosing a quality contractor for heating and cooling installation is one of the most important steps you can take in order to make sure any necessary services are completed properly and that your system runs as efficiently as possible. If you select a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor for the repair or installation of a Mitsubishi Electric ductless AC and heating system, you can feel confident that you’ve selected professionals with all of the proper training and certifications for the job.

Call the friendly people at Malek Heating & Cooling for your new Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling installation or for any AC and heating services in Evanston, IL. We are accredited Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors, a prestigious title that ensures both expertise and craftsmanship.

Why Choose Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors for Ductless Installation

Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems offer the ultimate in cooling and heating power without the need for any ductwork at all. Mitsubishi systems are known for long-lasting equipment, quiet operation, above-average performance, and incredibly high efficiency ratings. These systems come with a 7-year parts warranty, indoor humidity control, and variable speed settings.

And when you choose a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor for installation, our technical excellence will help to keep your unit in the best shape possible. Diamond Partners are trained on Mitsubishi systems at an approved training center. They perform any work according to industry guidelines for the most efficient system possible.

When your Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling system is not installed by Diamond contractors, you cannot be certain that everything will go smoothly. Your technician may not be as familiar with this type of system, and may be unable to complete the job according to the highest standards. But Diamond contractors work extensively on Mitsubishi Electric systems, so you can be sure of a job well done.

In most cases, new ductless heating and cooling system installation takes 1-2 days. A Diamond Contractor will take the time to make sure that everything is sized and installed properly, on top of completing a thorough inspection so that you can rest assured your new unit runs optimally.

Count on your local Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors for ductless heating and cooling installation in Evanston, IL and the surrounding areas. Call Malek Heating & Cooling today!

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