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Repairs a Radiant Heating System May Need

There are two different types of heaters that may be referred to as radiant heating systems. The first, electric radiant heaters, are composed of mats of electric coils which go under the floor or in the walls and ceilings. The second, hydronic radiant heating, uses hot water pipes under the floors delivered via a boiler in the home. Radiant heat fills a room more evenly, efficiently, and effectively than forced-air heating systems like furnaces. This is because radiant heat warms the objects and people in the room, not just the air. Radiant heating systems can last quite a while before running into any trouble, but when the time comes for heating repair in Wilmette, call the experts at Malek Heating & Cooling.

Electric Radiant Heat

Electric radiant heating systems consist of electric heating panels consisting of coils which are installed beneath tile floors, or possible in the walls and ceilings. Though they are more costly to run, most electric radiant heating systems do not experience trouble often, and they require very little maintenance over time. However, when there is trouble with the unit early on, it’s usually due to faulty installation. A new electric radiant floor heating system may trip the breaker frequently if installed improperly. Over time, a loss of heat may indicate a failing panel which needs replacement.

Hydronic Floor Heating

Since a hydronic heating system consists of a boiler, underfloor piping, and some mechanical components, it may need repairs more often. If one portion of your home does not feel as warm as the others, there may be an issue with the circulator pumps which move hot water through the system. You may also run into trouble with the boiler itself, which can encounter pressure troubles from a buildup of minerals. Over time, an older boiler will need replacement if it begins to rust. Call the friendly technicians at Malek Heating & Cooling at the first sign that your radiant heating system is not working properly. If you wait too long to call for repairs, your home may be without heat when you need it most. And our professional electricians are more than qualified for any heating repair in Wilmette and the surrounding areas.

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