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How Long Does It Take to Install a Ductless System?

At Malek Heating & Cooling, we often recommend that customers who are constructing new homes, remodeling a current home, or who live in an older home with limited space, consider installing a ductless mini split heat pump as their principle comfort system. Ductless mini splits provide both heating and cooling, and they work with great energy efficiency that will save money compared to using a standard furnace/air conditioner combination. They also help with increasing indoor air quality, and the lack of ductwork makes them flexible for numerous building and remodeling projects.

A question that customers who are interested in installing ductless heating in Skokie, IL often ask: “How long will the installation take?” The good news is that installation of a ductless system in most cases will not take longer than installing any other type of new heating or cooling system. In fact, in many ways, installing a ductless mini split heat pump is easier than putting in traditional comfort systems that use ducts. It’s a more complicated installation than putting in a small window unit, so it isn’t a job you should attempt on your own; you must look for qualified and licensed technicians familiar with the product. But for those skilled professionals, installing a ductless mini split is usually a fast job that will go without complications.

The average installation job takes one or two days. The actual length depends on the size of the system, in particular how many indoor air handlers need to be mounted inside the home. Each air handler must have a mounting frame put in first and a 3″ hole drilled through the wall to allow of power cable and refrigerant lines through. If you have a large home that requires many air handlers in multiple rooms, the installation process will take longer.

However, not only will the final results be worth the small investment in time, but the installation process is not disruptive. Much of the work occurs outside, setting up the external unit. Mounting the air handlers is usually a fast job for seasoned and trained professionals.

To find out more about outfitting your house with ductless cooling and ductless heating in Skokie, IL, as well as an estimate for how long the installation will take, call our ductless mini split experts at Malek Heating & Cooling. We are licensed Mitsubishi ductless mini split installers, and have helped keep homes in the Chicagoland area comfortable since 1998. Give us a call today.

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