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Why Furnaces Are Still Great Ways to Heat a Home

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Today, there are many different types of heating systems to choose from when you need a heating installation service. Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling to a home while boilers may need fewer repairs over time. Yet with all of these features, one of the most common systems found in homes today is still the furnace.

Gas furnaces pull in the air from your home and burn fuel to heat the air and distribute it through the ducts. With proper care and maintenance, these systems will last for many years and provide efficient, effective heating throughout their lifespans. For the most accurate information about installing furnaces in Evanston, IL, you can contact the technicians over at Malek Heating & Cooling. But as a primer, here are some of the reasons a furnace is still a great choice for many home heating needs.

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Some of the Advantages of Installing a Boiler in Skokie, IL

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

There are a lot of choices homeowners can make for heating their homes: heat pumps, furnaces, geothermal systems and boilers, just to name a few. All have proven energy efficiency, but each one brings something different to the table for your home. Today we’re going to talk about the benefits of installing a boiler in Skokie, IL and some of the advantages this heating option can offer you. Heating equipment is complicated to install and repair, so it’s important to hire professionals for any heating work you may have. For over 15 years, Malek Heating & Cooling has helped install, repair and maintain heating and cooling equipment for multiple customers, and we can help you from start to finish with your boiler installation.

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Have Your Furnace Tuned-Up Now to Prepare for Winter

Friday, September 12th, 2014

The heavy cold in Illinois is still a few months away, but you shouldn’t delay when it comes to making winter preparations for your home. Part of that is to schedule a pre-season tune-up for your heating system. Take advantage of the slower September and October period to arrange a visit from skilled HVAC technicians to look over your heater and make sure it is ready for the work ahead.

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The History of Labor Day

Monday, September 1st, 2014

The official end of summer and the beginning of fall lands on September 23rd, which marks the Autumnal Equinox, when the plane of the Earth’s equator passes the center of the sun and the length of day and night are roughly equal. However, for most people in the U.S., the summer really concludes with Labor Day, the first Monday in September. Labor Day and Memorial Day (the last Monday of May) together serve as the bookends of the summer.

The Labor Day Holiday is a time that people in this country associate with a last summer blast: another reason for an outdoor picnic, a chance for a three-day vacation, family trips to amusement parks, and of course, taking advantage of numerous sales that retailers always offer. (Labor Day is often the second largest shopping day of the year after Black Friday in November.) It’s also the point when school traditionally goes back in session, although some schools start a week earlier and some a week later.

Labor Day’s origins lie in the 1880s. In 1882 Matthew Maguire, a machinist in New York City who was secretary of the Central Labor Union (CLU) at the time, and Peter J McGuire of the American Federation of Labor (AFL), first proposed a celebration of the hard working men and women of the United States. However, five years would pass before the first state made it an official holiday, Oregon. Other states quickly followed this example, although not all selected a date in September.

By 1894, thirty states had started Labor Day celebrations. President Grover Cleveland signed the law that made Labor Day a federal holiday only a week after Congress voted unanimously to approve the legislation. The date chosen for the holiday was the same one that Maguire and McGuire had originally proposed.

The U.S.A. is not the only country that celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday of September. Canada observes the holiday as well, although they spell it “Labour” Day. In fact, Canada celebrated the occasion earlier than the U.S., and was an early inspiration in this country for the development of the holiday.

All of us here at Malek Heating & Cooling hope you and your family—whether at work or at play—enjoy a relaxing and memorable Labor Day weekend and have a fantastic start to the fall.

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