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Why Furnaces Are Still Great Ways to Heat a Home

Today, there are many different types of heating systems to choose from when you need a heating installation service. Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling to a home while boilers may need fewer repairs over time. Yet with all of these features, one of the most common systems found in homes today is still the furnace.

Gas furnaces pull in the air from your home and burn fuel to heat the air and distribute it through the ducts. With proper care and maintenance, these systems will last for many years and provide efficient, effective heating throughout their lifespans. For the most accurate information about installing furnaces in Evanston, IL, you can contact the technicians over at Malek Heating & Cooling. But as a primer, here are some of the reasons a furnace is still a great choice for many home heating needs.

  • Control: Forced-air heating systems allow you to monitor what enters your home through the ductwork with optional installations such as top-of-the-line filters and humidifiers. And advanced thermostat settings allow you to vary the temperature throughout the day to help you save some money and make sure that you come home to a comfortable heated space every day.
  • Efficiency: If you’ve owned a furnace in the past, you may be skeptical about high efficiency ratings. But today’s furnaces are far more efficient than those built several years ago, and some gas furnaces have efficiency ratings of up to 98%.
  • Comfort: Finally, a well-maintained furnace will provide maximum comfort throughout the heating season. When you schedule regular furnace maintenance, you can be sure that there are no problems in your furnace or in the ducts that are reducing the performance of your furnace. A furnace in good condition heats a room quickly while a high-performance thermostat allows you to control the climate throughout the day, keeping you and your family more comfortable.

For questions and concerns about furnaces in Evanston, IL, talk to Malek Heating & Cooling. Our experts have installed, repaired, and maintained these units since 1998, and we can ensure you find the right heating system for your home, no matter which type of unit that may be. Call our heating experts today!

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