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A Few Warning Signs of Water Heater Repair

Even when it’s the hottest time of the year, you’ll still need one important heating device working around the clock in your house: the water heater. Hot water is necessary for cooking, cleaning, showering, and bathing, and you need to see that you act quickly when your water heater needs to have repairs.

Some of the warning signs of water heater trouble are obvious, like a complete loss of hot water. But you want to catch early warning signs so you can get to the problem repaired before your hot water supply is in jeopardy. Below are a few of the more common indications that a water heater needs repairs.

A drop in hot water volume

Have you noticed that the hot water supply runs out earlier during morning showers than it used to? A drop in the volume of hot water can mean issues like a broken dip tube, excess sediment blocking the heat exchangers, or a system simply that is simply too old to work effectively.

Rumbling sounds from the tank

First of all, don’t panic if you hear this sound coming from your water heater. It’s highly unlikely that the tank is about to burst. But this noise is something to pay attention to, since it means that water pressure in the tank is rising. This could be due to sediment build-up, a broken mixing valve, or busted aquastat.

Leaks of any kind

The only place any water should leak from a water heater is the pressure relief valve, which will keep up an occasional drip. If you see water leaking anywhere else, such as at connectors, or notice water pooling around the tank, don’t wait: call for repairs immediately.


Advanced corrosion usually means the water heater needs to be replaced. But if corrosion appears on the heat exchanger and it’s caught in time, the system may only need a few parts replaced.

If you need water heater repairs of any kind, contact Malek Heating & Cooling. We service Winnetka, IL and all of the Chicagoland area.


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