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Hot Weather and Its Effect on Your Air Conditioning System

When the temperatures climb in mid-summer, air conditioners take on an extra workload to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. You know that the longer you run your air conditioner, the higher your electric bill. But are there other effects that hot weather has on your AC? Let’s take a more detailed look at Hot Weather vs. Air Conditioners.

The Extra Strain from the Heat

The fact that an air conditioner runs more frequently during hot weather means that the system sustains a higher level of wear and tear. Regular maintenance helps alleviate this problem, and this is one of the many reasons to always keep current with a maintenance program. That spring visit will see that the worst of the stress the system suffered the previous year is relieved.

But high heat puts another stress on an AC: it makes it more difficult for it to move heat from inside the house to the outside. An air conditioner is a heat exchanger, absorbing thermal energy from the interior of a home and then releasing it to the outside. When the outside temperature is extremely high, it makes it harder to eject the heat. (Think back to high school science class: heat moves toward areas of lower heat.) Adding to this strain is all the extra heat making its way into the house at the same time.

Component Problems

Most parts of the internal parts of an air conditioner won’t suffer damage because of high heat; they’re designed to handle extreme temperatures. Components that may have trouble, however, are the capacitors, which transfer voltage to the motors. Capacitors can burn out in excessive high temperatures and will need to be replaced. The moment that you notice clicking sounds from your AC when it starts up, call for repairs, since this is a sign of a failing capacitor.

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