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How an Air Purifier Helps Your Home

Many of us have spent a good deal of time in our homes over the past several months. Now as we get into the fall and winter season with its multiple holidays and chances for family gatherings, we are looking at even more time to enjoy the interiors of our homes. Warmth and clean air will make these weeks and months far more comfortable for you and your loved ones.

The systems we install and offer services for are going to ensure your home is optimally comfortable during the cooler weather. For today, we want to take an extra look at how an air purifier in Chicago, IL can help ensure your home has the best indoor environment possible.

Your IAQ and Your Home Comfort

How cozy do you think you’d feel in a home filled with dirty air? Likely you wouldn’t be able to get all that comfortable. This is because your indoor air quality is tied closely to your overall comfort. Clean and clear air will always offer better comfort than the alternative. Air filters and air purifiers are able to clean the air in your home and optimize that indoor environment.

The Impact of an Air Purifier

At this point, you are likely wondering how much an air purifier can really help your home comfort. We can tell you that the impact is quite good. Purifiers can be installed on their own or paired with air filters to help clean the air in a house. But purifiers can have a great effect on the home just by themselves. Here’s what a purifier can do for you:

  • Destroys or removes dust and debris: Dust and debris are a pain to deal with. All those little particles are harmless on their own but a collection of them can coat furniture and irritate allergies. Purifiers can help to remove or destroy particles that might hinder your IAQ.
  • Breaks down viruses and bacteria: UV light purifiers offer a unique ability to break down and destroy viruses and bacteria. This can help clean the air in your home and reduce incidences of illness, which is great news—especially now!
  • Stops mold from spreading: Purifiers can also help reduce the spread of mold in your home. If your home has struggled with mold growth over time, purifiers can help take this issue out at the knees. This is because purifiers can either remove or break down mold spores, ensuring they stay out of your house.
  • Reduces respiratory irritation: Do you have trouble with asthma or other respiratory issues? Purifiers are going to help with this. Purifiers can tackle contaminants in the air to stop them from getting into your home and irritating the respiratory system.

When it comes to helping your indoor air quality, you should have a professional technician be the one to perform installation and additional services to ensure you get the results you need. The pros at ServiceMax are dedicated to providing high-quality service with every job we do.

Schedule your appointment with the team at ServiceMax to install your air purifier.

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