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Reasons We Recommend USB Outlet Installation

electrical-outlet-wallOutlets have changed significantly over the decades. Once, homes only had two-pronged outlets. Later, three-pronged grounded outlets became the standard. Now GFCI and AFCI outlets help homes to maintain greater safety with even more powerful electrical loads.

One of the most interesting and convenient developments in outlets is the USB outlet, a completely new type of outlet that allows USB cables for tablets, phones, and other portable devices to connect right into the wall for charging. More new homes are coming with USB outlets already installed near the standard outlets. If you’re a homeowner, you don’t have to wait before you buy a new home to enjoy USB outlets: you only have to contact an electrician in Niles, IL to have these useful outlets installed.

Our licensed and experienced electricians offer USB installation (as well as GFCI and AFCI outlet installation). Here are the reasons we recommend homeowners call to schedule this service:

  • More power – Do you currently power devices like your smartphone, e-reader, or tablet through a USB cord connected to a computer? This connection provides about 500 amps of power, and the charging can often be slow. A wall outlet is designed to handle a far larger amount of amps, so you can have your devices powered up much faster.
  • Won’t break as easily – The most common way for people to charge USB devices is to plug in an adaptor to a standard outlet. These are usually inexpensive and they’re definitely great for traveling. But they also tend to break and fail easily. Have you ever plugged a device into an adaptor and come back hours later to find that it hasn’t charged at all? (Or you see that bizarre readout on your device: “Connected, Not Charging”?) You’ve become a victim to a broken adapter. Permanent USB outlets are far more durable.
  • Doesn’t block up other outlets – If you put in a USB adapter into one of the outlet sockets, that socket can’t be used for anything else (such as putting in another USB adaptor to charge up a second device). USB outlets expand your power options so you don’t have to unplug any connections to other appliances. This also applies to the USB ports on your computer. There usually aren’t many, and you may already be using them for crucial peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard.
  • They look better – When you have professional electricians install USB outlets in your house, they’ll be smoothly integrated into your home’s design. If you don’t like the look of various adaptors jammed into outlets, especially easily visible outlets in a place like a kitchen or bathroom, a USB outlet is an excellent solution.
  • Just plain convenient – USB ports make it easier to keep up with all the devices you have to charge. No need to worry about moving an adaptor from room to room or juggling plugs around. You can come home and plug the phone right into the wall and not have to worry about it.

Our electricians can answer any questions you may have about USB outlets or our many other electrical services. We’re open 24/7—all day, every day!

Arrange for USB outlet installation and other electrical services in Chicagoland with the pros at ServiceMax.

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