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“Why Does My Heat Pump Smell Bad?”

Having a heat pump in your home means that you have a reliable source of home comfort throughout the year. However effective and efficient these systems may be though, they can still run into trouble. When your system hits a bump in the road, schedule heat pump repair in Chicago as soon as possible.

There can be situations when you aren’t sure if or when you need those repairs though. We can help with that too. Below we’ve collected some common questions that residents like you have asked that we can answer. With this information, you’ll be better equipped to figure out if and when you should book a repair with our team of expert HVAC technicians.

Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Pumps

Need to figure out why your heat pump is acting up? Read on to see if you find your answer below.

“Why does my heat pump smell?”

Smelly heat pumps are a somewhat common complaint when people switch their systems over into heating mode. While a tune-up can allow your heat pump to be cleaned and prevent the smell of burning dust, there are other smells that might pop up throughout the season. For example, an earthy musty smell might indicate mold growth in the condensate pan due to improper drainage, or a sweet smell might indicate a refrigerant leak.

“Why won’t my heat pump warm my home?”

You’ve switched your thermostat over into heating mode. However, you are noticing that the air exiting your system is, at best, room temperature. This could be due to a number of issues, but one of the most common causes is a broken reversing valve which is stopping your heat pump from switching from cooling over to heating mode.

“Why are my energy bills so high?”

We can’t blame it entirely on inflated energy prices, unfortunately! Things like a malfunction in the operation of your heat pump or even a dirty air filter may be forcing your system to use extra energy to make ends meet. Don’t ignore major spikes in energy bills that don’t match your usage. Get things checked out!

“How should a heat pump work?”

Knowing how a heat pump is supposed to work can help you more easily help you identify when it is not running right!

Heat pumps move heat. This means that to cool the house, they absorb heat into the refrigerant supply passing through the evaporator coil and then release it outside. In the winter, they perform this function in reverse to help keep the house warm.

Losing refrigerant isn’t normal. Weakened airflow is bad news. Short cycling is a problem.

If you ever notice something amiss with your heat pump, such as problematic sounds, smells or operation, you can always contact us. Our team is here to help with everything you need to ensure your home stays comfortable.

Contact ServiceMax for your next heat pump service. We always provide “Best in Class” service and we offer 24/7 services too.

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