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If You Have a Boiler, Is It Time to Get a New One?

Last week, we wrote about making the choice to replace an aging furnace. But you may be one of the homeowners who relies on a boiler and radiant heating for winter comfort, rather than a furnace. You will have to deal with replacing your boiler at some point, although the considerations with a boiler are a bit different than those with a furnace.

We’ll go through some of the questions to ask yourself about your boiler that will help you choose whether you should have a new one put in before winter. Make sure that you always consult with HVAC professionals first before making a choice!

  • “How old is the boiler?” The average boiler will last longer than the average furnace, which is one of the boiler’s major advantages. If you have regular maintenance for your boiler to keep it in top shape, you can expect to receive 30 years of life from it. A boiler that’s older than this, however, will be at a higher risk of repairs, breakdowns, and general loss of energy efficiency.
  • “Is there any corrosion on the boiler?” The appearance of corrosion is one of the major tell-tale signs that a boiler is starting to fail. If caught early enough, the corrosion can sometimes be removed by replacing the corroded part. Otherwise, a corroding boiler tank means a boiler that should be replaced.
  • “Is the boiler as effective as it once was?” Make an honest assessment about the comfort in your home each winter. If you are noticing more cold spots, or it takes longer to thoroughly warm the house, then you may be dealing with a boiler that’s expiring.
  • “How much does the boiler cost to run?” If you’ve noticed that you’re paying higher and higher winter heating bills than you once did, the cause may be a boiler that’s too old to do its job.

To schedule service to help you decide on boiler replacement in Evanston, IL, call on Malek Heating & Cooling.

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