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How Often Will an Electric Furnace Need Repairs?

Electric furnaces are starting to be installed more and more often throughout the country. As people look for ways to move away from fossil fuels, it makes sense that we’d look to reduce our use of natural gas. Switching to an electric furnace from a gas one is one of the ways to do that.

But just because an electric furnace doesn’t use gas doesn’t mean that it won’t encounter issues. The reality is that your electric furnace will need repairs if and when it encounters trouble. If you want to keep your furnace around for the longest number of years possible, you’ll occasionally require electric furnace repair.

Here’s how to tell that you need to get repairs for your electric furnace.

5 Indicators Something Is Wrong With Your Electric Furnace

You deserve to get the most out of your furnace. But if it needs repairs it won’t provide the home heating that you expect. Here’s how to tell it is time for a professional repair to keep your furnace in effective and efficient working order.

  1. Strange noises. Has your electric furnace gotten noisier lately? While these systems aren’t silent, they shouldn’t make an abundance of sounds either. Warning sounds can include clanging, crackling, buzzing, rattling, or continuous clicking.
  2. Weakened airflow. The airflow from your furnace should be steady and strong, no matter how it creates heat. If you have picked up on weaker airflow from one or more parts of your home, then it means you should look into system repairs. This could require a fan repair or a duct repair to fix.
  3. Short cycling. Your furnace turns on, starts blowing out hot air, and then shuts off within a couple of minutes. This is known as short cycling and it wears out a furnace. This is an issue that you have to address ASAP because it can end up cutting years off of your system’s lifespan.
  4. Concerning smells. When you run your electric furnace, do you notice any strange smells? You should be alert to the ongoing smell of burning dust. You should also be alert to the smell of burning electrical parts. Scents like these can be a sign of trouble within your furnace that needs to be seen to quickly.
  5. Increased energy bills. Your furnace uses electricity to create heat. That means that the only bill you really need to keep tabs on is your electrical bill. If you have noticed a big spike in your electric bill recently that coincides with odd behavior from your furnace, it is a good idea to get things checked out.

Have you noticed any of these issues with your electric furnace? Don’t be fooled into ignoring them because the system doesn’t use gas. While an electric furnace is safer, it can and will still need repairs over the years. At the least it will pay off to have your system checked out. These signs may indicate a maintenance need. However, if your furnace needs repairs, then the sooner you address them the better!

Contact ServiceMax for expert electric furnace repairs today. We provide 24/7 emergency services too.

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