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Ductless Heating Installation Is a Good February Choice

ductless-unit-on-wall-hand-with-remoteAlthough February is still winter and a reprieve from the cold is a good stretch away (sometimes farther away than we’d like to acknowledge), it’s still a good time to make improvements to your home’s heating system—especially if you’ve noticed the heater hasn’t been doing its job as well as usual during the past few months.

You’re probably already thinking: “That sounds like it will take too much time, and I need my heating system—good or bad—right now.” This is one of the reasons we think installing a ductless heating system is such a good idea: it’s a fast installation that creates minor disruption to your home. When our professionals are finished, you’ll not only have a great new heating system for the rest of the winter, but you’ll have a jump on the coming summer weather as well. Why? Because ductless heating systems are also ductless cooling systems!

How Does That Work?

Simple! Ductless systems, also known as ductless mini splits, are types of heat pumps. Like other heat pumps, they have the ability to change the direction they move heat. During cold weather, heat pumps draw heat from the outside (yes, there’s enough warmth available even on cold days) and bring it inside. Then, with only an adjustment to the thermostat, the heat pump can change to acting like a standard air conditioner: drawing heat from inside and moving it outside.

What’s the Difference with a Ductless System?

What makes a ductless mini split heat pump different from the more familiar type of heat pump is that it doesn’t use a single indoor and outdoor unit. Instead, one outdoor unit connects to multiple indoor units. These indoor units are small devices that attach high up on room walls. If you’ve ever seen a device up on the wall of a home or business that looks like a window AC unit but doesn’t go through the back of the wall, that’s an indoor blower unit for a ductless system.

Each of these blower units houses a refrigerant coil and fan. Refrigerant enters from the outdoor unit through the back of the wall. The blower fan sends air around the coil, either heating or cooling it, and then it moves straight into the room. This takes out the middle man—ducts!

Why Invest in This Type of Comfort System?

Because you’re getting two comfort systems in one, and you’ll save energy (ductless mini splits have superb energy efficiency compared to other electric systems). You also no longer have to worry about leaky and dusty ducts. The installation process is one our experts can complete in a short time, replacing your outdoor AC cabinet and hooking it up to the different indoor units.

To improve your heating in Winnetka, IL, all it takes is speaking to one of our team members. We work with excellent Mitsubishi ductless mini splits. You can trust us to find out if ductless heating is the best choice for you home—and then handle the installation job you need.

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