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A Seasonal Maintenance Q & A

The early fall is the best time of year for homeowners to prepare for the winter ahead. One crucial task for cold weather preparedness is to schedule heating maintenance from a professional HVAC technician. (And yes, as we talked about last week, this must be done every year.) Maintenance provides numerous advantages: energy savings, protection against emergency breakdowns and repairs, and extended equipment life. But some homeowners still feel on the fence about signing up for a regular maintenance program. We’d like to address some of the common questions that people ask about one of these programs.

Q: How much money does maintenance save?

A: We can’t give you a concrete figure for your home, since each home and HVAC system is different. However, we can cite studies that the U.S. Department of Energy has conducted to compare HVAC systems that have maintenance to those that don’t. The DOE found that on average a well-maintained HVAC system costs $33 less to run per month. When you compare this savings to the annual cost of a maintenance program, you’ll see how quickly maintenance pays for itself.

Q: How long does maintenance take?

A: Both heating maintenance in fall and air conditioning maintenance in spring take between one and two hours. Occasionally they may take longer if there are special issues that need to be addressed. It’s a short period when you consider the immense benefits it provides.

Q: Are there extra benefits of membership in a maintenance program?

A: Aside from the benefits to your HVAC system itself, yes, there are some special bonuses. Our Residential Maintenance Agreement includes a 15% discount on labor for repairs, a 2-year guarantee on all parts and labor, and free reminders during spring and fall.

To sign our Residential Maintenance Agreement today and get started with fall heating maintenance, contact Malek Heating & Cooling in Skokie, IL.

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