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Protection for Your Home with Whole-House Surge Protectors

Power outages can pose serious problems for your home and family, especially if they last for an extended period of time. Some of the reasons for loss of power from the grid include trees falling on power lines, severe wind conditions, lightning strikes, floods and heavy rainstorms, accumulation of ice and snow, accidents due to construction digging, and even interference from wildlife. Using a whole-house generator to shield your home from a long-term outage is wise planning and will provide you with peace of mind during the times of the year when the frequency of outages begins to rise.

Here is something else to consider: many of the above causes of power outages are also sources of massive power surges. You probably already connect the idea of power surges with lightning strikes and downed lines, but any event that could cause an overload of the power grid or a loss of power could also send a huge power surge into your home that could cause damage to appliances, especially precision equipment like laptops and home entertainment systems. A small power strip at an outlet can offer some protection from this, but not always.

At Malek Heating & Cooling, we advise that homeowners look into whole house surge protectors in Skokie, IL as an adjunct to their new generator installation. These systems installed into your electrical panel will guard your electrical system from both outside power surges as well as any malfunction that might occur with the generator. It will also help with the smaller surges that can occur without you realizing it, and which contribute to slow wear and tear on appliances.

These smaller surges are worth looking at a little closer, because many homes suffer from them. Whenever a large appliance in your home (such as a refrigerator or air conditioning system) makes too large a demand on the electrical circuits, it causes a momentary imbalance that sends a power surge through the lines. If you notice lights flickering whenever a powerful appliance turns on, then you are dealing with a power surge.

Worry about power surges is another reason that you must have professionals install your whole-house generator. If an amateur picks the wrong size unit of generator for your needs, the generator could cause a dangerous power surge in your home when it comes on, knocking out your lights and other appliances and possibly damaging them so that even when the power is restored, they won’t come back on.

Keep Malek Heating & Cooling in mind when you are thinking about whole house surge protectors and generator installation in Chicago, IL. Let our trained technicians know about your generator needs: we will keep your family out of the dark. Give us a call today.

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