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Why Ice on Your Air Conditioner Means It Needs Repairs

If you notice ice on the indoor coil of your air conditioner, it may seem like a minor problem. Of course, air conditioners cool the air, so ice is to be expected from time to time, right? Not quite! Air conditioners do not actually create cool air. Instead, they cool a home by removing heat from the air as refrigerant cycles throughout the system. Ice on the evaporator coil means that something has interfered with the evaporation process and that your air conditioner may not be able to cool your home properly. Scraping the ice off the coil can seriously damage this component, and allowing it to defrost is not enough to address the source of the problem. When you notice freezing, turn off your system immediately and call a professional for air conditioning repair in Evanston, IL. You may have any of the following problems.

Damaged Fan

A frozen coil is often the result of restricted airflow to the evaporator coil. In order for the evaporation process to take place, the indoor fan blows warm air over the coil so that refrigerant can absorb heat from the air, and cool air can be supplied to the home. As the warm air hits the cold coil, evaporation occurs, and moisture from the air builds up along the outside of the coil. If there is not enough warm air blowing on the coil due to a damaged fan or fan motor, the water droplets begin to freeze, causing an icy buildup.

Low Refrigerant

Another reason for ice on the coil may be low refrigerant. Refrigerant is also vital for the evaporation process and to absorb heat from your home. Low refrigerant may be due to a leak in your system, so it’s important to call a professional who can restore your system to the proper charge and seal any leaks.

Dirty Filters

The air filters in your air conditioner may be actually be at fault for an icy coil. Air filters should be changed about once a month. A dirty filter may reduce airflow to the system. However, changing the filter may not be enough. Whenever you notice an icy coil or any other problem with your AC, call a professional at Malek Heating & Cooling for air conditioning repair in Evanston, IL.

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