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How to Clean an Air Conditioner’s Filter

When it comes to maintaining an air conditioning system for a home, most of the work should stay in the hands of HVAC professionals. Once a year, usually in spring, arrange to have a technician come to your home and inspect the components of your AC and provide cleaning and adjustments. This will help your air conditioner work through the summer at maximum energy efficiency and minimum repair troubles.

There is one maintenance task you can accomplish yourself, and one you need to do once a month during the summer season: clean or change the air filter. We have instructions to help you clean the filter if your air conditioner relies on a permanent air filter.

Cleaning the air filter

  • First, you need to locate the filter. It can be in a variety of places, depending on the air conditioner. The best place to look is around the air handler and the spot where the ductwork exits the air conditioner cabinet. The filter should be in a slot near the air handler, and you can slide it out to clean it. The filter may also be located behind the grill of the return vent in your house.
  • Once you have the filter out, use a vacuum with a hose attachment to remove the large clumps of debris from its front.
  • After finishing this, take the filter outdoor and use a garden hose to clean out the rest of the debris. Place the garden hose on low pressure so you won’t cause damage to the filter. Also make sure that you spray the water from the back side of the filter (the direction that air flows through it). This will help prevent the water pressure from bending the fibers.
  • After you have thoroughly removed all dust and debris from the filter, spread out a towel outside and let the filter dry on it for a few hours. Only replace the filter in the air conditioner when it is thoroughly dry.

There! You’re done. Repeat this next month and for the remaining months that the air conditioning system runs on a regular basis.

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