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Yes, Your Heat Pump Needs Maintenance in Fall As Well

hot-and-cold-home-badgesSpring was when you arranged to have your AC maintenance in Chicago, IL. (At least we hope so! It’s the best way to ensure reliable and energy-saving performance from an air conditioner all through summer.) Fall is coming up soon, and although Chicagoland won’t experience a major drop in heat quite yet, this is the point of the year to begin thinking ahead to colder weather and making appropriate plans.

Those plans should start with arranging for maintenance for your heater, no matter if it’s a furnace, boiler, heat pump, or other system.

Yes, Your Heat Pump…

It’s critical to have maintenance done every year. With the heat pump it’s a bit different, because a heat pump must have two maintenance visits each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. If you had your heat pump maintained in spring—and you should have—you still need to schedule the service again for fall.

The reason for this is simple: a heat pump is both a heater and an air conditioner, and so it needs to be treated as if it were two separate systems when it comes to taking care of the wear and tear it suffers. If you have a standard HVAC system of an air conditioner and furnaces, each system would need a separate maintenance tune-up and inspection before the arrival of the season when it does the most work.

The situation isn’t much different with a heat pump: it needs an inspection before the arrival of summer to see that it’s ready to handle the heat, and an inspection before winter to see that it’s prepared for another cold Chicago winter.

Here’s something important to keep in mind about a heat pump: no matter what mode it’s in, it still uses the same components to do its job. The compressor, the indoor and outdoor coils, the fans, the refrigerant, the reversing valve, the expansion valve, etc. So after a full summer of work, a heat pump will have picked up a lot of stress on the same components that are about to set to the job of warming up the house. You don’t want a worn down heating system right at the start of winter—that’s why you arrange for fall maintenance for your heat pump.

The MAX Comfort Plan Takes Care of You

The easiest way to see you have the regular HVAC maintenance you need each year, no matter what type of heater/air conditioner your home has, sign up for our MAX Comfort Plan. Along with the great benefits of keeping your HVAC equipment running at peak condition for many years, you’ll also enjoy 25% member-related discounts, money-saving coupons, special financing, priority service, and those all-important email reminders so you’ll always know when your heater, AC, or heat pump is due for service. You can also set up Filter Fetch: recurring filter orders so you’ll have a fresh filter in your HVAC system for best performance.

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