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Does Your Air Conditioner Need Help?

spinning-fan-closeupIt is so wonderful to be able to enjoy multiple days of warmth and sunshine in a row after a winter that felt like it might never end. With that said, it is not as easy to enjoy this weather if you have no reprieve from it. Even the biggest sun-worshipper eventually needs a way to cool off, but when you need air conditioning repair in Winnetka this is easier said than done.

The good news is that you aren’t alone when it comes to dealing with this issue–we can help. The professional technicians on our team will arrive at your home ready to diagnose and fix whatever the problem with your unit is while keeping you and your home safe from start to finish.

The first step to getting this done is to figure out if you need a repair service for your cooling system. Check out these indicators to see if any sound familiar.

5 Ways Your System Is Crying Out for Repairs

If you notice one or more of these signs, you would do well to reach out to us for professional AC repairs before your system is no longer able to keep you cool.

  1. High energy bills: This may be one of the signs you notice the easiest because it may hurt the most. While your energy bills will fluctuate a bit based on your use of the AC, they shouldn’t skyrocket. High bills are a warning sign that something isn’t right in your system.
  2. Low airflow: Is it taking longer and longer to cool down the home? It might be because the airflow from the vents isn’t as strong as it should be. This can be due to problems with your system filter, your blower fan, or even a leak in the ducts.
  3. No cool air: Maybe the airflow from your vents is nice and strong but it is warmer than it should be. If your AC isn’t able to cool the air it is pumping into your home there are a few possible fixes that may need to be done.
  4. Odd noises: Many AC systems make some noise, but there are still sounds that you don’t want to hear your unit make. Be on the lookout for odd noises like screaming or screeching, hissing, rattling, banging, and more.
  5. Incomplete cycles: The average cooling cycle is about 15 minutes long. If your system is instead running for just a few minutes before it shuts itself off, you have a problem on your hands called short cycling. This can be caused by problems with airflow due to a clogged filter or it can be caused by something as serious as a refrigerant leak.

If you notice these warning signs or pick up on any other strange behaviors in your air conditioner, reach out for professional repairs sooner than later. The earlier the problem is taken care of, the better it is for your system lifespan and your summertime comfort, not to mention your wallet!

Contact ServiceMax today to schedule a visit from one of our pros.

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