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What’s In Your Home’s Air That Might Be Harmful?

One of the services we offer to the Chicagoland area, and have offered since we started in business in 1998, is solutions to improve indoor air quality for homes. Although people assume that outdoor air is unhealthier than indoor air, the reverse is often true. The U.S. EPA has discovered that the air inside buildings is often 3 to 4 times worse than that outside.

The reason for this drop in indoor air quality is the number of pollutants that can originate from inside a building. Because there’s little chance for these contaminants to escape because of the heavy insulation on houses and other buildings, the concentration of pollutants continues to build. Here are a few of these airborne contaminants that might be collecting in your house… and which we can help you remove.

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs): This is a group of gases that come from building materials and processes in a home: cosmetics, cleaning products, carpets, fuel combustion, hobby supplies. They are responsible for a variety of ailments, such as respiratory conditions.
  • Formaldehyde: This VOC deserves special mention because it’s present in almost all homes. Formaldehyde is responsible for nausea, headaches, runny noses, and is linked to cancer. It also has a corrosive effect on copper pipes.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO): If you use natural gas or burn any type of heating fuel in your home, you’ll have some level of CO inside your house, since it’s a byproduct of fuel combustion. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and toxic. You want the levels of CO in you living space reduced as much as possible.
  • Dust mites: These tiny insect-like creatures are not dangerous when it comes to biting. But they’re a huge source of allergic and asthmatic reaction.
  • Mold spores and bacteria: These organic growths can become a serious health hazard if they start to develop in sections of the ventilation system.

Malek Heating & Cooling installs a wide range of indoor air quality devices: air purifiers, air filters, UV germicidal lights, energy recovery ventilators, and more! Call us in Skokie, IL today to set up an appointment.

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