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Handling the Allergies of Spring with IAQ Solutions

tulips-in-springAs we move into spring, we’re finally going to start enjoying warmer weather. But along with warmer weather comes a spike in the pollen levels. And you know what that means: allergy season! As the cold and wet weather fades, plant blooming leads to an increased pollen count, which is responsible for numerous allergic reactions that can make this season a miserable one. And pollen is only one source for allergies this time of year: mold starts to grow in the wake of the wet weather, creating dangerous mold spores in the air.

There are medical steps people can take to lessen the problems of allergy season. But many homeowners don’t realize they can improve their health during spring allergy season with the proper professional indoor air quality services in Skokie, IL.

How IAQ Services Can Help You

There are a number of different indoor air quality installations and improvements that can lower issues with allergens and mold spores. Finding the ideal one is why you want to contact our professionals, since it’s difficult to know on your own exactly what type of device(s) to install. We’ll look at the more common ones below.

Air Filtration Systems

The best place to start when trying to lower airborne allergens in a house is with an air filtration system. These meshes of fiber are effective at trapping much of the pollen and dander that trigger asthma and allergies. Filters come in a range of strengths, measured as MERV. The higher the MERV rating, the smaller allergens the filter stops. The HEPA filter is a well-known air filter that is effective at stopping allergens; however, it’s better suited to the more powerful HVAC systems in hospitals and commercial buildings, and will place too much strain on residential systems. Let the professionals match your HVAC system with the ideal type of filter.

UV Air Purifiers

There are different types of air purifiers, but the one that’s the most helpful in combating allergies is the UV air purifier. This purifier uses ultraviolet radiation to kill mold spores as well as mold itself, and without leaving any dangerous chemical residue behind. This type of purifier also kills bacteria and germs for a generally healthier household.

Whole-House Dehumidifiers

A good way to defeat allergies is to cut them off at the source, such as reducing the high humidity that leads to more plant blooms and the growth of mold and mildew. A whole-house dehumidifier is the most effective way to bring down humidity levels to a comfortable range (between 30% and 50% relative humidity) that restricts mold development. It will help you keep cooler over the summer as well, so installing a dehumidifier is a good all-around idea.

We Offer Many IAQ Installations

We aren’t only focused on lowering the allergens in your home. Our indoor air quality experts can install other types of air purifiers to sop volatile organic compounds, smoke, and chemicals from moving around your house, and energy recovery ventilators to allow fresh air in without putting stress on the air conditioner. Talk to us to learn all about how we can improve your home’s air.

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